American Idol 2011: Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez went to school together!

For the next duet on [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol’s]] Las Vegas round, Pia Toscano and Karen Rodriguez get together to duet on The Beatles’ Can’t Buy Me Love.

But, as Ryan Seacrest discovers, the two girls go a long way back. The pair went to New York’s LaGuardia Arts School together. Karen Rodriguez tells Seacrest:

We were in a group called The Music Singers and we wrote together, we performed together.

Toscano says that they both gel well together. The duo then hit the stage for their performance, both of them looking and sounding hot. And as Jennifer Lopez says, it’s a professional grade performance:

You know what I love about that – I feel like you guys get it. Like you know what it is to be a professional, that when you get up there you have to give a show. Your smiles are beautiful. I love the whole thing.

Steven Tyler tells them he was initially worried about their performance: “For me, it built so well, because it started off and I got really worried. It was like you guys picked the wrong key, it was too low…and then you took off. You jumped the fence and ran off into the field.”

It’ll be interesting to see if the two firm friends will end up as competitors on the American Idol live shows. We’ll hopefully find out soon!

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