American Idol: Adam Lambert sings Whataya Want From Me?

Adam Lambert returned to the American Idol stage in style last night to perform Whataya Want From Me?

[[American Idol (2010 Series)|Idol]] pulled out all the stops for this performance from Lambert – who didn’t win last year, but has had more people talking about him than whoever the hell won. It was an electrifying performance of a song which was originally a Pink cast-off track, but got dusted off to be released as Lamberts second single.

Naturally, since Idol gave him some nice exposure due on Elvis week, Lambert owed them a quotable quote about how good Idol is for aspiring singers:

We worked so hard on this show to give everybody a surprise every week. Thanks to ‘American Idol,’ because it prepared me to make it in the real world. I owe ‘American Idol’ everything.

Wearing his hair high, Lambert looked super-confident on stage. The audience almost drowned him out in places, so rapturous was the applause. And a good opportunity for folk like me – who’d missed American Idol last year – to see Adam in action and understand what all the fuss was about!

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