American Idol: Casey Abrams plays bass for the judges at Hollywood

For his solo performance on the final day of [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol’s]] Hollywood week, Casey Abrams chooses to play stand-up bass.

He’s tickled to discover that after ten years of Idol, he’s the first person to ever play stand-up bass on the show. He might be the first to play melodica as well though. We don’t know.

Anyway, with just himself and his “large upright instrument”, Casey wowed the assembled judges and auditionees with a jazzy take on Georgia On My Mind. The arrangement is brilliant – it feels like he’s improvising his bassline at the start, but then the band comes in and the whole tune just gels. Casey himself is incredibly musical – you just know he’s got an instinctive feel for the music.

And no, he’s not your conventionally good-looking Idol, but I’ve got a feeling the judges want to give this guy a shot at live shows – he’s been absolutely flawless since day one.

The mark of a great audition – at least on this season of American Idol – is how much it seems like Steven Tyler wants to jump up on that stage and jam with you. And ol’ Steven looked like he was restraining himself from grabbing a microphone and duetting with Casey! 

We think American Idol’s been crying out for a musician like Casey Abrams for years now. The show got pretty close last year with Crystal Bowersox, but Casey’s a new level entirely. Seriously. Listen to this…

Fast facts

  • Name: Casey Abrams
  • Age: 19
  • From: Idyllwild, California
  • Occupation: Works at film camp


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  1. canadiangal

    Casey Abrams is probably the most talented contestant I have ever seen on A.I.  He should get into the top 12, BUT, will America continue to vote for someone who is primarily a Jazz musician???

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