American Idol: Could it be Armageddon for Lauren Alaina?

Don’t pay too much attention to our heading, readers – we don’t think Lauren Alaina‘s in any danger of [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol]] elimination just yet. We’re referring to her decision to sing Aerosmith’s classic I Don’t Want To Miss A Thing for a second time.

What made Lauren’s original audition so memorable was that she let Steven Tyler sing the last line of the song – which he wrote. As a matter of fact, the 15 year old seems slightly fixated by the Aerosmith frontman – because for her group audition, she and her friends serenaded Tyler live on stage! Which he obviously loved.

While we’re not generally a fan of people repeating the same song in auditions (ref: Scotty McCreery), Lauren showcased her voice beautifully yet again. However, if she progresses in American Idol, the biggest problem she faces is one of identity – is she a country singer, a rock singer or a pop singer? It’s impossible to tell right now.

Jennifer Lopez seems blown away by the fact that Lauren’s only 15 – we’ll have to see if she progresses.

Fast facts

  • Name: Lauren Alaina
  • From: Rossville, GA
  • Age: 15
  • Occupation: Student


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