American Idol: Elimination show round-up and Aaron Kelly goes home

Welcome to Unreality Shout’s official run-down of the American Idol elimination show for 5th May 2010. Tonight’s guests included Harry Connick Jr and Lady Gaga. Let’s go…

The Top 5 finalists give possibly their best ensemble performance of the entire season, with an extended medley of swing numbers. Even Crystal gets decked out in some faux Rat Pack clobber as is traditional for Sinatra week.

Moving swiftly along to that Ford advert: lots of extra screen time for Lee and Crystal, I notice. Lee is the focal point of the advert, as he falls in love with a Fiesta and leaves poor Mamasox standing. Until Casey James puts the moves on her later, the lech.

We get a brilliant sneaky peek at the behind-the-scenes stuff that goes on on Idol. I love this kind of backroom thing – everybody seems so candid and funny. How cool was it to see the stand-in judges? The [[Randy Jackson]] stand-in was a dead ringer, wasn’t he?


Ah, where would we be without ya, Lady Gaga? She’s supposed to be singing her latest single, Alejandro, but intros it with Bad Romance instead…

It’s your typical unsettling [[Lady Gaga]] performance, with Gaga’s face covered in black netting for the first half. There’s much writhing from the semi-naked male dancers, and weird props a-plenty. The song – if you want a one-sentence review – is testament to Gaga’s standards starting to slip. Definitely not as wonderful as her earlier work, and it sounds like she’s mocking Shakira with her faux-Hispanic accent.

I can see what Stevie meant on his review when he said she was mimicking MadonnaAlejandro has similarities to La Isla Bonita.

Connick Jr brings the funnies

Let’s get it over with: there has been no celebrity mentor on this year’s [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol]] who’s been more entertaining than Harry Connick Jr. Idol plays some fast-paced funnies showing Harry remorselessly mocking the Idols during rehearsals: telling Casey not to get used to the brass section because “it’s very expensive. I can afford it because I’m very famous”. He tells Aaron Kelly to wipe the inane grin from his face and phones Casey’s mother to say that Casey thought hewas Chris Isaac.

The only minor let-down is that they let him perform.

It gets better when the Top 5 do a medley of Connick Jr songs. It’s not clear whether they’re miming this part, but Casey and Lee stand out here. Casey in particular looks like he’s having 300% more fun than last night. What’s your verdict readers? Was that a live vocal from the Top 5?

Elimination time…

Earlier in the evening, [[Lee DeWyze]] was told he was safe. Seacrest splits the remaining four finalists into two groups: [[Crystal Bowersox]] and [[Casey James]] on one side, and [[Michael Lynche]] with [[Aaron Kelly]] on the other. Big Mike and Aaron are revealed to be the bottom two.

Without too much melodrama, [[Ryan Seacrest]] reveals that Aaron Kelly is voted off this week. Slightly shocked, Aaron says “I’ve had a great time, it’s been a blast.” Even if he wasn’t your choice of American Idol, it was impossible not to like Aaron. He uses Fly me To The Moon as his sing-off song, and is accompanied again by Harry Connick Jr.

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