American Idol – Ford Adverts and creative marketing

What do you think of those Ford adverts that get shown every week on the American Idol elimination show?

Each week, the 12, 11, 10, etc finalists film a video of them larking about in various situations – paintballing, vandalising fountains and kung-fu fighting – all with the help of some shiny new Ford cars. And isn’t there something – I shudder to use the word – exciting about seeing these contestants mucking about in adverts laden with special effects?

The Chieftain blog very wittily observes (for the benefit of the American Idol producers):

You know your TV show is in trouble when people start to look forward to the weekly Ford commercials more than some of the performances. They’re certainly the best thing about the results shows.

Check out the video from the Top 11 elimination. The one slightly sad thing is, there’s [[Paige Miles|Paige]] larking about with the rest of the group. Minutes from being booted off the show.

I really do enjoy these Ford commercials, and I know that sounds terrible. But we must face the commercial reality of the show: it exists because advertising helps it to exist. So, with that in mind, as long as the marketers are willing to be creative each week and tie the adverts into the Idol theme, what’s to complain about?

Come on, are you telling me you didn’t enjoy the Clash Of The Titans/American Idol mash-up at the start of last night’s show. Especially that bit where Liam Neeson’s character yelled “Release the cracken” and they cut to footage of [[Simon Cowell]]?

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