American Idol: Haley Reinhart redeems herself in Hollywood

Haley Reinhart takes the stage on the last day of [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol’s]] Hollywood week. But before she sings, there’s a bit of a discrepancy we want to point out – during the group rounds we saw the previous evening, Haley is seen forgetting the words and bluffing with some vocal trickery.

We thought people who forgot the words got sent home automatically? Isn’t that right, Randy Jackson?

Apparently not. And it turns out that saving Haley Reinhart was a good thing. She takes the stage for a perfect – no joke, perfect – version of God Bless The Child. It’s an American Idol standard that I’m thoroughly tired of hearing, but Haley effortless switched between throaty growls down to a sultry whisper. 

You know you’re doing something right when Steven Tyler harmonizes with you from the judging panel.

While Haley sings, Jennifer Lopez leans over and whispers to Randy Jackson “We almost sent her home yesterday”. Lopez tells the Wheeler, Illinois student that her performance was her redemption, while Tyler says “You made my day”. Since she was the first audition that day, that’s not really high praise.

However, we thought Haley’s performance was amazing. Not only was it vocally flawless, but she moved about the stage with a confidence and grace that made us think she’d been performing for years. And we’re left wishing we could hear more of that beautiful bluesy voice. Hope she makes it to live shows.

Fast facts

  • Name: Haley Reinhart
  • From: Wheeling, IL
  • Age: 20
  • Occupation: Student

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