American Idol: James Durbin and Stefano Langone duet on ‘Get Back’

One of the pitfalls of doing songs by The Beatles on American Idol is that the contestants barely know who that band were. Obviously they’re not teaching the important facets of rock history in American schools anymore. Blame Obama, I suppose.

Anyway, hot favourites Stefano Langone and James Durbin team up for a rendition of Get Back. I find Stefano the more likeable of the two, mostly because James Durbin seems to be unashamedly ripping off Adam Lambert’s act, but without the subtlety or the nuances that Lambert brought to the table. In short, he squeals for the sake of it, rather than for the good of the song. It’s simply a waste of breath.

Ignoring my shouting at the TV, resident squeakspert Steven Tyler raves about the duo’s performance:

Unreal you guys. I don’t think I’ve ever heard two higher voices together before. James, you went up into the wayoutosphere. You went up into squeakland. That’s insane.

Randy Jackson concurs: “I liked it too. Stefano, it started off a little slow, like you were a little timid. I was like ‘kick in man, I know you got it’.”

Hopefully we’ll find out tonight whether James or Stefano has made it through to the coveted Top 24! Stay tuned!

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