American Idol Meltdown: Ashley Sullivan forgets the words

Have you ever noticed that when Ashley Sullivan is ’emotional’, she suddenly looks drained, her cheekbones become pronounced and she looks like she’s aged 20 years in about 20 seconds?

Well, after a solid run of luck to get this far on [[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol]], kooky Ashley’s time may have run out. She dedicates her solo audition song to her boyfriend and chooses to serenade him. Bad idea. She promptly blanks during the song and forgets the lyrics.

And then she forgets them again. And again.

When this girl falls to pieces, she doesn’t do it by half. Full-on meltdown. Then she bombards the judges with excuses – she shouldn’t have sung to her boyfriend, she should have chosen a different song.

To be fair, Randy Jackson and Jennifer Lopez seem to accept what she’s telling them and reassure her. But from where we’re sitting, Ashley’s always-on-the-verge-of-mania personality is becoming wearing to watch. And vocal amnesia aside, this audition was simply not her best. We don’t think she’s ready for the pressure when American Idol goes to live shows.

What’s your take, guys – end of the road for Ashley Sullivan?

Fast facts

  • Name: Ashley Sullivan
  • From: Springfield, MA
  • Age: 26
  • Occupation: Retail sales

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