Is American Idol painting Clint Jun Gamboa as the bad guy of the competition?

[[American Idol (2011 Series)|American Idol]] is constantly reminding us that Clint Jun Gamboa is an ambitious mofo. Before his final Hollywood audition, the show ran a video showing how the mercenary singer cut Jacee Badeaux from the group in order to progress to the next stage of the competition.

It worked in Gamboa’s favour, but it seems to have left a bad taste in people’s mouths that he was so quick to turn against the cuddly teenager.

To be fair, we got a ‘vibe’ from Gamboa at his very first audition in San Francisco. Back then we said it didn’t seem like he had much star quality.

Anyway, Clint sang Georgia On My Mind for the judges. Yet again, it was a powerful, impressive vocal that always surprises us to hear – mostly because Gamboa looks so nerdy you don’t expect that power in his vocal. Our problem with Gamboa now is that it’s irritating to watch him thinking that he’s a “fame at any price” kind of dude. Is this the kind of guy who’d stomp over his grandma to get to the American Idol live shows?

Right now, that’s what it feels like. But it may backfire, because the next American Idol needs people to like them enough to pick up the phone and vote – and that’s where all this footage may be causing Gamboa a problem.

But we’re realists here on Shout – could it be that the footage is being edited to make Clint look bad, or do you think he’s really that cutthroat? Over to you, Idol Worshippers!

Fast facts

  • Name: Clint Jun Gamboa
  • Age: 26
  • From: Long Beach, California
  • Occupation: Karaoke Host

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  1. jOn

    The answer to your question is an emphatic YES, they are absolutely portraying Clint as the villain of this season. JC is undeniably likable and Fox is fully aware of this.  Therefore, anyone who does anything that could be construed as harming poor, defenseless JC is going to be vilified. Jordan Dorsey exposed himself as more of a villain than Clint, and if Dorsey had rejected or insulted JC like he did many others that week, Fox would’ve targeted him instead of Clint. It’s unfortunate because Clint is one of the best, if not, the best contestant this season and I would hate for him to be eliminated based on the drama that Fox is feeding the viewers.

  2. rcsing1


    I know Clint personally and he is one of the nicest persons I’ve met in the Karaoke circle that I hang with. Clint has so much potential, that it would be terrible to get him mixed up with the typical drama that AI has every year.

    This boy can sing, as he has wowed our audiences at our shows. He is the real deal, and should be seen for what he is. A wonderful human being, and a fantastic singer!!

    Check him out….




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