American Idol – Ryan Seacrest’s feud with Simon Cowell, is it for real?

I mentioned this in my elimination post yesterday, but how much do you think the tension between Simon Cowell and [[Ryan Seacrest]] is genuine?

I’ve been intrigued by the sparring between the judge and the [[American Idol (TV Series)|American Idol]] presenter. We all know [[Simon Cowell]] is leaving to take his Idol-clone X Factor to the USA. Does Ryan have abandonment issues – will he miss Simon, or has he already been ruled out as X Factor presenter due to his Idol commitments? What is the cause of the friction between the two?

Anyway, I watched the elimination episode back, and was stunned for a second time at the relationship between the two. Seacrest starts things off by resting on the back of Kara DioGuardi’s chair and fixes his gaze on Simon. Cowell then says “Do you want to get the eyeballing out of the way?” He goes on to chastise Ryan for his “aggressive behaviour” and asks him if he’s gunning for his job as a judge, “because it felt like an audition”.

In fact, Cowell takes it up a notch when he asks Seacrest “can we agree not to cross the line, the eyeballing, the aggressive behaviour?” When he remarks that last night’s altercation was uncomfortable, Seacrest quips “So it this!”

In ending the little scene between the two of them, Simon offers a stiff handshake to Ryan in the end, saying, “We’re friends, right? Just don’t ever let that happen again.”

Did anyone else find that little incident uncomfortable viewing? I got the impression that Seacrest was trying to take it tongue in cheek, but Simon wasn’t doing much to suggest that their previous evening’s stand-off (over Simon’s criticism of [[Michael Lynche]]) was a trivial matter. Though Seacrest was quite blaze about the matter, it still felt like he was taking a serious dressing-down from the reality TV mogul.

What’s your take – is this a serious personality clash, or is it just another little something designed to bring the drama on Idol?

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