American Idol Season 10: Was Ashley Sullivan crazy or talented?

Let’s write this post as a multiple choice question. 25-year-old Ashley Sullivan blew into the American Idol audition room like a fidgety whirlwind, all nervous energy and simmering emotions. My question to you, readers and Idol fans – is Ashley:

a) A complete whack-job? Loonatic? One straight-jacket, coming up?

b) A fantastic, passionate vocalist who really could be “the first showtune popstar”? Or…

c) A closet actress/comedienne putting on a fantastically ditzy show for a nationwide audience?

I got overtones of all three during her audition – she was always on the brink of tears, but she was also a fantastic vocalist. I also loved her wacky dancing. You can’t deny that her audition was entertaining.

On a serious note though, Steven Tyler decided that she could be moulded into a popstar

You won’t find many people like that. That was unbridled enthusiasm. I am going to personally work that into something good. 

Her ‘musical theatre’ inspired audition made me think much of Ashley’s perceived craziness was possibly an act to make her stand out from the crowd. She certainly did that! But now I’m confused – is she a genuine, raw talent, or a few sandwiches short of a picnic? Could she be the next American Idol? 

Over to you…

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