American Idol – Week 5 – Idols

1. Colton Dixon – Everything (Lifehouse)

Oh dear, he was dreadful this week. I had no idea he was even possible of being that bad. It stated off badly, and continued badly before ending… Badly. It was the, you know, emotion. For reals. Oh well, whatever takes the pressure off Heejun.

“It wasn’t about vocal acrobatics”. Well, that’s one way to put it, JLo, even if you meant it as a compliment.

2. Skylar Laine – Gunpowder and Lead (Miranda Lambert)

Needless to say, Skylar was in her country element, even if her voice fell a little short. She made up for it in enthusiasm, though.

“That was over the top”- Steven Tyler.

“…….” – audience (before eventually assuming it meant “good”.)

3. Heejun Han – A Song For You (Donny Hathaway)

See, I’m not just rooting for him because he amuses me. When he wants to be, he is amazing. It wasn’t perfect, but it was everything I wanted it to be.

4. Hollie Cavanagh – Jesus, Take The Wheel (Carrie Underwood)

What’s up with Hollie’s accent this week? Anyway, Carrie has big shoes to fill, and whilst Hollie’s not quite there I have to give her props once more for pushing herself, and almost pulling it off. After being shown specifically how to emote, it was peversely impressive how emotional it wasn’t.

5. Deandre Brackensick – Sometimes I Cry (Eric Benet)

Which came first, this song or “If I Ain’t Got You” by Alicia Keys? Whichever it was, I hope they sued. Deandre’s voice is amazing and this was no exception, even if he overdid the falsetto at the end. However, I’m coming to the slow realisation that I’m not going to like his album. Bored now.

6. Jessica Sanchez – Sweet Dreams (Beyoncé)

Considering she slowed it right down to a ballad, that was a remarkable impression of Beyoncé’s voice. Do they have Stars In Their Eyes over there? Easily the best performance so far tonight. *Looks up who’s left to perform.* Easily the best performance tonight.

7. Phillip Phillips – Still Raining (Johnny Lang)

Phillip’s back on Scotty McCreery form. I’m assuming it was good. A standing ovation from the judges? Hmmm… maybe not, then.

8. Joshua Ledet – Ken Lee (Mariah Carey)

It made him cry. Me too. For very different reasons. I really REALLY want him to go home. He’s going to win isn’t he?

9. Elise Testone – Whole Lotta Love (Led Zeppelin)

Love the spontaneous “Dreams” duet with Stevie Nicks during rehearsals. If it hadn’t been for The Corrs I’d have been lost.

For many, this is hallowed ground Elise has chosen to walk on. For me, too, I really miss Top of the Pops. It was Elsie being Elise, pure and simple. Again, not really my thing but it sounded sort of good to me, and certainly came across as sincerely authentic.

They also performed in trios, so I’ll cover them quickly.

The Stevie Nicks/Fleetwood Mac one was your usual meh group tosh.

The MJ one was mostly good.

The Madonna one could have been better (i.e. without Skylar).


The bottom three are revealed to be Hollie, Heejun and Skylar.

Heejun is out. No freaking way is he getting the save. But I have to admit he stayed much longer than I expected. He gives us an encore performance of A Song For You that’s even better than his first. I think a little piece of me just died.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Loving Jessica Sanchez. She’s a unique talent for a show like Idol, and I hope that she gets the attention she deserves – both during and after the show. Breathtaking performances every week, despite not loving the song choices per se.

    Don’t quite see the attraction in Heejun Han, Simon. I think the goofball antics have hurt him, and I honestly have no idea where he’s coming from musically. Does he see himself as some kind of crooner?

    1. Simon Williams

      Heejun has quite an understated, dry sense of humour that I appreciate. Ever since Jimmy pointed it out he’s played on it and last week, during Billy Joel week, he was a complete clown. I didn’t appreciate that and agree that it’s hurt him. But there’s a fantastic tone to his voice that, when he gets it right, almost gives me chills (for the right reasons, unlike Joshua). I wouldn’t say crooner, I think that’s a bit too pub-singer for him, when I find his voice very soulful.

      But this is (or rather should be) Jessica’s contest to lose, she has one of the most effortlessly flawless voices I’ve ever heard. It all depends whether or not the judges waste their save or not, as they’ve pretty much consistently done.

      I’m expecting a top three of Jessica, Phillip and Joshua. I’m hoping I’m wrong.

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