American Idol’s Double Elimination (Final 7) – April 14th 2010

Did Lambert show up because he misheard “Double Elimination”, or was it the promise of an action trailer rip-off intro and the worst Ford commercial yet. Yes, the Idols vandalize an urban utopia with their squadron of Fusions. Thanks very much.

My guess? Garcia is for sure one of them. 

Andrew, Casey and Aaron step up, and like I told you, old boy is gone and the other two are safe.

Sad to see it, but don’t worry about him, he’ll make plenty of money for his son on the tour. I do have mixed feelings about it, since i think he really does have natural talent, but his performances were so hit and miss. If he gets a good manager, he could go far.


You know, I was all geared up to lay into the Idol Gives Back business, but I can’t do it. Money to the poor that wouldn’t have gone there before = fine by me.


Brooke White and Justin Gaston. Apparently this dude was once Miley’s BF. Huh? Doesn’t he look a little old to be hitting that? Isn’t interesting that he actually looks like Gaston from Disney’s Beauty and the Beast? Am I a woofter for knowing that? Never mind the last question and let me know your thoughts on Alex Lambert leaving Idol only to go into this other Simon Fuller piece of shit.


Crystal is safe, and she whips out a harmonica on her way. Strange. 

Siobhan bounces on back.

Lee is safe too, though I think Seacrest told him too soon.


Adam Lambert, what I want from you is to cut out this ridiculous ballix with the lasers.


Bloody Tim is safe again. I’m I the only male over fourteen that watches this shit? It’s about time that Katie‘s out. Big Mike, you lucky bastard. 


Man alive, for a girl that gave decent, if boring performances, she sure ballsed up her last one.

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