American Idol’s Eleventh Elimination (Final 3) – 12th May, 2010

The manufactured drama that accompanies the start of the elimination shows is really starting to wear one me. Not to mention the appearances of old Idol contestants, such as squeaky voice Fantasia.I’ll have more to say int he next two weeks about what that tells us about the usefulness of Idol.


I like the ford commercial this week, mainly because they put Casey in Lederhosen. Ha!


So, when are the gang going home?


Dim the lights, blah blah blah…


Mike and Casey. Oopsies, Mike picked the song from last night? Look’s like I was wrong about that one (is the sky falling?). Even worse, that twat Casey is safe. Somebody shoot me. I think Mike is going home tonight.


Ol boy Daughtry is back. I don’t mind him, cos he’s an upside down head, like meself. Also, I think I have some recognition of the singles What About Now and Home. They’re not great, but at least they’re doing well.


Lee is safe. Big surprise.


Bloody Bon Jovi. Does nobody else think all thier music sounds exactly the same these days?


Yeah, I think it’s Mike that’s on his merry way, and I’m right. No way Mike was a match for her. Oh well, I’d rather Casey had went first.


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Gotta agree with you on that one, Mr Kane – I’d hoped that it would be a 3-way finish between Crystal, Lee and Big Mike. Unfortunately, it looks like the pundits are right – Lee and Crystal are out in front.

    And if they’re right about the frontrunners, they’re right about the eventual winner. I’d guess Crystal’s name is already on the recording contract that’s being prepared for the end of the series.

    Poor Mike, he should never have expressed his wish to get to the final 3…

  2. WelshSinger

    i actually like casey and im glad big mike went. i wanted him to go the first time he was the bottom lol. crystal is my winner. 🙂

    1. Gerard McGarry

      That’s why it doesn’t really matter which order the remaining boys get eliminated in…Crystal’s had American Idol won since the early live shows. Once upon a time, Big Mike was a viable contender, but he got painted with the “You’re black, do some R&B stuff, dawg.” brush. He was originally a bluesy vocalist, but I feel like Idol knocked the originality out of him over the weeks.

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