American Idol’s Fifth Elimination (Final 10) – 24th March 2010

If I was [[Crystal Bowersox|Crystal]], when they asked me to to do a little song and dance number, I’d tell them where they could go-go, but she seems to enjoy it, as well as the stupid Ford ad again! Oh look, Andy was left behind in the fun fountain! What a load of balls.

To add insult to injury, while trying to fill an hour, they throw in some human interest. Siobhan’s boss is growing a beard and her friends like to show their tits off, Katie’s dad can’t take the heat, and Michael is a big soft teddy-bear.

Spare me.


On to the voting. Siobhan; no way. Lee and Casey; doubt it, but have to wait on that one. [[Tim Urban]] and [[Paige Miles]]; oh both of them, please!



Ummm, anyone else note that Miley Cyrus’ vocal was nowhere near as good as her stage performance?


Aaron; Going away? Nah mate, nah. Didi; puh-leh-hease! Curses! Foiled again. Michael; well, what a foregone confusion. Crystal; and again. Katie and Andrew; Oh lordy, i think Garcia might be in the bottom three………..

Thank you, Jee-bus. Other than Casey, Paige and Tim and Katie are my least favorite.

Ooh, even better, just Paige and Tim, my definite bottom two. 

Joe Jonas and Demi Lovato? Really? Utter, utter shite, all the way from the vocals to the snigger-inducing song. I hope the screaming was for them to stop.

Alright then, put me out of their misery….. and it’s Paige. Was anyone surprised? [[Simon Cowell|Cowell]] tells her right away that they’re not going to save her. Ouch. Pity, as now she’s singing well.

Oh wait a minute, I forgot i don’t care…

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    The bottom three was just perfect last night. The performances from Paige, Tim and Katie had been desperately bad.

    I think the judges whitewashed just exactly how bad Katie was on Tuesday – she was tuneless beyond belief, and if it had been any other contestant, they’d have been crucified by the judges. Somehow, they have a soft spot for Katie. But clearly America has other ideas.

    Still don’t know what went wrong with Paige – I still feel that she wanted to leave last night. Disappointing how poor she got once the live shows got underway.

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