American Idol’s Final 24 Guys – 24th February 2010

Girlies, move over, it’s time for the guys who mostly look and act like girls. Not great, not great at all. Is this the way it is every season at the first live performances? I must admit that this show has given me a new appreciation of the pros, I mean the good ones. They nail it, every, time. No pitchiness, no bum notes, always cohesive.

Just goes to show we’ve been spoiled by the Marvin Gayes and Lionel Ritchies of this world, because this lot had the negatives in spades. Nerves, again, I think. In short:

[[Todrick Hall]] – Boring song, but made it his own. Nothing amazing. For no good reason, we cut to Aaron during the judge’s comments.

[[Aaron Kelly]] – Good choice of song, but very nervous. Still think he’s a great kid with a soulful voice.

[[Jermaine Sellers]] – Very breathy with some seriously weird high notes. Not a fan. The American Idol Coke Cup™ has more personality.

[[Tim Urban]] – Bad replacement for Golightly; did a poor man’s version of Apologize. Loaded with plosives and a shitty falsetto. To wit: Absolute ballix.

Joe Munoz –Chorus was pitchy. Pretty blah.

Tyler Grady – Dude is a joke and going nowhere. Doesn’t matter how many trippy dutch angles the producers throw in, he’s a crappy lounge version of Jim Morrison. Really bad singer.

[[Lee Dewyze]] – Definitely talented, but simply not impressed.

[[John Park]] – Despite his American accent, it sounds like we’re in a Tokyo karaoke suite at the start, but he gets better. Did not really deliver on his “bottom end”, but did some good work on the bridge.

[[Michael Lynche]] – Talented, but seemed to be rushing through it.

[[Alex Lambert]] – Weird start, pitchy, not hitting every note. An unripe banana, according to Ellen. Dirty bitch.

[[Casey James]] – I don’t know if this can get any more embarrassing. Yes, he’s a good singer, but he has no personality.

[[Andrew Garcia]] – Best performance of the night, despite a few off parts during the chorus. Full disclosure: He’s been my fav for a while, and again, I think he has a shot at the prize, but the acoustic versions might get old.

Of course, it doesn’t really matter what I think, and I wish it really mattered what you lot think, but I opine that there’s a third factor here: the judges. Should they really be allowed to say things like, “If you’re here next week…”, or “I think we’ll be seeing you for a while”. Surely this is leading the witness. Whether it’s toward their viewpoint or away from it, it must be affecting the voting. Seems unfair to me, but then, what do I know? Only what makes responsible television, that’s all.

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