American Idol’s Finale Fight – Judge/Personal Choice Night – May 18th 2010

[[Ryan Seacrest]] asks the audience to shout out names and all you can hear is Lee. I think this is due to it being only one syllable, though.

…and what is with the soft focus tonight?

[[Casey James]] with OK, it’s Alright With Me by Eric Hutchinson.

Not bad. Not bad at all. This does not effect the fact that he is a twat, though. [[Kara DioGuardi|Kara]] points out the exact problem – it was an obscure song.

[[Crystal Bowersox]] with Come To My Window by Melissa Etheridge.

Great, but I wonder was it a wee bit blah like Casey’s? Still, it got Ellen to lesbian-name-drop.

[[Lee DeWyze]] with Simple Man by Lynyrd Skynyrd.

Yeah, he’s really grown in confidence. His upswing may outstrip Crystal at this point. Add to that the fact that Crystal just talked about how everything else is going great, and she might be mentally throwing in the towel already. He absolutely ballsed up the last note, though.

I see the judges are stoking the competition fires with words like “crushed”

Casey James with Daughters by John Mayer (Chosen by [[Randy Jackson|Randy]] and Kara).

Yadda yadda yadda.

Honestly, LOOK at the particular shot of Kara and Simon! Look at the glint of Kara’s chair and how soft it is. It’s like they’re lighting for Barbara Walters.

Crystal Bowersox with Baby I’m Amazed by Paul McCartney (Chosen by Ellen).

She starts off weird, but man, she is just a powerhouse with that voice. I have to say however, I’m not sure a about the song.

I don’t like the fact that they’ve kept the order the same for both sets of songs. I think things are unfairly stacked in Lee’s favor.

Lee DeWyze with Hallelujah by Leonard Cohen (Chosen by cockbag, sorry, Simon)

This was great choice and I love this song, but what a set up! Lee not only gets to end both sets of songs, but he closes the show, and with a f**king choir. How the hell are the other two supposed to compete against that? Lee mate, you’re obviously a nice bloke, but what a crock of mad dog’s shite!

Oh well, enjoy the greyhound bus home, Casey.

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