American Idol’s First Elimination – 25rd February 2010

After four additional hours of [[American Idol (2010 Series)|Idol]] this week, tonight’s show was mercifully short, and seemed to go by fast. Fortunately for you, so will my blog. Before I begin, I have two questions for you all:

1.    Was American Boy mimed tonight? Sure looked like it was.
2.    Are Lacey’s beautiful eyes actually colored contacts?
3.    Am I betraying my country by using American spellings?

Never mind that last one. All of the eliminations made sense, since they were poor performances, as I pointed out the last two days, and they repeated them, to a tee, tonight. Still, every one of them had a very classy reaction to the bad news, except the one elimination I would have predicted for sure: Tyler Grady.

Like I said before, I have literally no idea how he even got to Hollywood. I thought his initial audition was a joke, and he had the audacity to blame the judges for his lack of talent tonight. Good riddance to bad rubbish, but I at least hope he had the good sense to steal that spa robe he liked so much.

On the other end of the spectrum – did you see Tim’s face when he realized he wasn’t getting kicked out? He was so shocked. Me too, mate. Me too.

It was lucky Janelle was eliminated for two reasons: a) Katie looked like she was going to drop a steaming dump on live TV, b) Janelle might need comforting from a sarcastic Irishman.

I could’ve done without Jermaine Seller’s Fresh Prince of Bel Aire hat, and Kris Allen and Alison Iraheta (and her earwig costume) tonight, but at least I now know who the twat in the strategically placed Ford commercials is. Not to mention that he was a nice segue into Idol doing some fundraising. I suppose it’s true; good CAN come out of evil.

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