American Idol’s Hollywood Group Day Recap – 10th February 2010

What is the point of [[American Idol (2010 Series)|American Idol’s]] group day, exactly? It reminds me of having to get into project groups in college. There was always some tool who ballsed it up for everyone else, or the group that thought they were all that, or a lazy one, or there was some plagiarism. I can see how this might get you ready for the wild world of real work, but what has it got to do with being a self-obsessed popstar? They aren’t going to be in a band like O-Town or something, so why the excruciating drama? Oh yeah, right…

Silly me.

Oooh the drama between Neopolitan and Destiny’s Wild! The sing-offs, the stealing of dance moves/vocals/songs … the unnecessary backflips… it was like a go-go boy’s wet dream. Have to say, even though Todrick has revealed that he isn’t a cutsey song-writer but an over-confident prick, his team did Lady Gaga much better. Funny that; [[Lady Gaga]] being done by only eight people in one day.

Still, must’ve been good, cos they all got through, unlike the Mighty Rangers, who lost a whiny, forgetful, undignified pleader in the form of Jack Black lookalike Mark, and Kim Kerbow sans wig. Phoenix didn’t fare any better, losing superstitious Moorea to another bout of lyricdistrophy. At least Kat saw the writing on the wall and booked it with some pride left.

Let’s not forget the auditions that I didn’t want to miss (according to [[Ryan Seacrest]]): Faith, Middle C (replete with chest-baring Casey), Three Men and a Baby, and five or six others got through, yet they didn’t make it clear what happened to cutie Nikki Nix, which is a shame, because apparently she’s faker than Pamela Anderson’s milk ducts.

During this train of wondrous pop-joy, [[Ellen DeGeneres|Ellen]] liked to mess about when giving the good news, which is getting a little old after two days. I wonder will she joke when she actually has to give someone the bad news. Did she send Captain Autism home? No. How about juvie crim, Matt? Nah. How about when Amanda, the mascara-smearing drama queen destroyed Sweet Escape? Absolutely, defina-tute-ley nope.

Mr Tourettes? Not a problem.

Which leaves the dreamers, and boy, were they dreaming. What a clash of personalities. Read as: a group of people used to getting their own way (can’t think why Idol attracts them) being thrown together and everyone expecting them to have a group mentality. They spent most of the time arguing, so it’s no wonder their performance was kee-rap. Somehow Mary convinced the judges she was good enough, but she’s not convincing me. When she said she would not work with the group again, she also mentioned that she loved them all. Ummmmm………     LIAR LIAR, PANTS FOR HIRE!

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