American Idol’s Hollywood Week One Recap – 9th February 2010

I’ll make this short and sweet, like me:

Why did I bother? What did it all matter? Why did I spend countless minutes typing, during the whole audition fiasco? The first night of Hollywood Week was all about Simon looking evil, Ellen looking funny, Kara looking supportive, and Randy looking indifferent.

Not one second leading up to this shit, mattered. I feel like I have been shafted by the devil himself.

I could go through each contestant and talk about how they were robbed /rewarded, but all it would go to show is how arbitrary (look it up) the whole thing is.

If you don’t mind, I’ll spend the rest of the blog being sick.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    We must have been watching different shows, because I thought there was finally a fair amount of singing talent on the Hollywood show! And I was glad to see them booting off a few of the younger ones who clearly didn’t have the chops to proceed to the live shows!

    If you compare it to last year’s X Factor, they did the usual “5 million zillion people auditioned…” and by the time it got to the boot camp stages there wasn’t a decent singer among them. From the first day of Hollywood week, it’s obvious there are a few singers who might just emerge as world-class pop stars.

  2. steviekane

    Well, i might have been a few sheets to the wind when watching and reviewing, but what struck me was that it just seemed like another audition, with little or no connection to what happened in the respective cities. It made me feel like the preamble was pointless, other than seeing the shit ones.

    Oh now i get it…

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