American Idol’s Ninth Elimination (Final 5) and Idol Gives Back – April 28th 2010

This is going to be a bad night. Rascal Flatts and Shakira?

So, the first band comes on and I think, “Man, Seacrest’s da is a bit up himself!” Sadly, it’s 

Rascal Flatts with Unstoppable.

It just goes to show how far the gang have come when they are out performing established performers.


The Ford ad this week is easily the best. Mainly because it looks like Siobhan is completely living the dream. For the film wannabes among you, that process of shooting in the day then coloring it later is called “day for night”, and it’s how most moonlight scenes are shot.


The Shrek ad, I could’ve done without. There’s far too much filler these days. Even Diaz and Banderath whored themselves out.


Dim the lits and here we go…

Alright, so, Mike and Casey, Aaron and Crystal, and Lee and Siobhan, what could it all mean?

Well, will no rhyme or reason, it means Michael, Casey and Siobhan are in the bottom and that sounds about right.

It might have been a toss up for Casey and Aaron for popularity, but i really think this is all going to come down to a battle between Lee and Crystal.


Sons of Sylvia with What You Waiting For?

This lot aren’t bad, I suppose, and Underwood said something about a foursome… or something.


Lady Antebellum with I Need You Now.

Pretty good. This song is getting a lot of airplay in the states. Have to said I’ve uttered the chorus more times than i care to count, usually to some random person who’s number I’ve found in the book.


Shakira with Gypsy.

I was doing my laundry when I heard the harmonica, so i was surprised to see ol girl playing it. Kudos. Song wasn’t too bad either.


Big Mike is safe baby… and another bloody ad.


OK, we’re back. I’ve been saying it was Siobhan. Let’s see if i’m right. 

And I am.

How come she gets a goodbye song then? Hmm? No matter, easily the best one yet, and quite the celebration afterward.

I wonder what she’ll do next? 

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