American Idol’s Second Elimination – 4th March 2010

After an intro that looks and sounds like a bastardized version of a Jeremy Bruckheimer trailer, the drama unfolds…

…and so does the bloody lip-syncing! When is it going to stop? If we have to watch a lipdub of the song, i’d rather watch this. Nonetheless, despite [[Paige Miles|Paige]] trying to literally upstage everyone, and [[Siobhan Magnus|Siobhan]]’s ree-cock-ulous outfit, I enjoy the little sing-song.

[[John Park]], pick a window, mate. You’re leaving.

Yet, he manages to knock out a much better performance of his chosen song. As do all the eliminations, apart from [[Haeley Vaughn|Haeley]], who screamed so much, she might have been better off letting Debbie the floor manager do it. I mean it – I winced quite a bit at the end.


Danny Gokey with My Best Days Are Ahead of Me by Danny Gokey

Not great. Almost identical to original artist’s version. Some bum notes and pitc…… 


Oh sorry, I really thought he was an inexperienced contestant there. Seems like a nice bloke all the same, as do the eliminations. Yet again, more class shown tonight than I expected. [[Jermaine Sellers]] seemed like he had a complaint/excuse/insult hidden away in his blatherings, but that’s about it

Truth be told, I’m just glad [[Lacey Brown|Lacey]], [[Crystal Bowersox|Crystal]] and [[Andrew Garcia|Andrew]] made it through. Crystal i’m looking forward to seeing again, and I believe Lacey has the potential to get better, but Garcia has only one more chance before I consider him a one hit wonder.


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