American Idol’s Seventh Elimination (Final 8) – April 7th 2010

People are glowing, who knew the American Idol stage was above a nuclear power plant? Seacrest just mentioned three people that I have never heard of. Promises to be a riveting night..

Woah – Lip – SYNCHING! I thought they’d knocked that on the head, but maybe they never did.

OK, the obligatory Ford ad. Sort of boring this time with the whole kaleidoscope thing, as it was graphic heavy. Maybe less time to do it this week?


Right then Siobhan, we were bored last week, and off you go to the center of the stage, but we don’t know what that means. Crystal goes down too, which tells us right away it’s Seacrest bullshit. Katie joins them, so I’m guessing she is one of the bottom three. I’m just realizing that these are the only three girls left. How did i miss that? Maybe i was focused on Crystal. 

So, all the girls are safe, and guys make up the bottom three. I’m guessing Tim, Aaron, and I hate to say it, Garcia. Katie is excited about Lambert coming back? Hmmm, maybe she’s getting a full deal from him, and not Tim.

Jason Derulo. Umm, not sure whatcha I should say, other than I didn’t mind so much when he ripped off Imogen Heap on that big hit he had. Watcha was it called again?

David Archuleta? A former finalist? Come on! It really seems like we’re filling time now.

I doubt Lee is going home, or even near to going home. Oh, he’s been voted to the far side of the stage, and Big Mike to the close side, whatever that currently means. Aaron is off beside Big Mike. Tim is screamed off to the far side and Andrew to the closest. Huh, one of these groups is the bottom three? I have to admit, this is a strange mix for me. This is not flowing! Tim is safe while Mike, Aaron and Andrew are not. 

Garcia, I have already grudgingly admitted, but Mike below Tim, Aaron and Katie? Is this a beauty contest?

Don’t answer that.


Rihanna drags out the suspense. She looks like the has a black eye. Oh sorry, that’s just eye-shadow.

Mike is in the bottom? I am truly shocked. I think the judges will save him.





Told ya.


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Is this a beauty contest? Not if you consider Didi Benami getting booted out last week.

    I’m starting to get worried right now. Benami – and I know you didn’t like her – was a good singer and would have been a fantastic recording artist/sex kitten.  Lynche has something special. Yes, he can do soul, but he doesn’t allow himself to become pigeon-holed either. His greatest weakness is that no record company in this age can sell a behemoth of a black man like him as an artist without resorting to cliched third rate R&B.

    Where Michael Lynche is going to have trouble is in finding a way to pitch his music to a modern marketplace.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      Loved your Big Mike speech bubble, by the way! But therein lies the trade-off between funny captions and accurate reporting.*

      * Though to be honest, I’d have missed it myself because we normally switch off the end of the episode when the credits roll.

      And, in fact, I haven’t actually watched the Beatles week performances yet! I hate The Beatles. Hate them.

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