American Idol’s Third Elimination (Final 12) – 11th March 2010

Another bloody action movie trailer beginning, but finally, no lipsynching but I’m not sure Michael Lynche is trying to celebrate with, or strangle Lee Dewyse during Mr Bubble’s opus.



Didi’s up. Oh please oh please oh please, let me never see that gurning face again…


Siobhan. She must be in for sure… word!

Paige and Katelyn. Ooh, Paige, say bye bye. Ah, Seacrest confirms one of them is going, and there’s no way it’s Katelyn…..

Wait a minute. WAIT A MINUTE! Seriously? I am truly surprised. Paige is talented, but Katelyn always performed much better. I suppose there’s no accounting for taste, especially American taste, and I think Paige is as surprised as I am.

Nice goodbye performance Katelyn.

Tim, Todrick, Lee and Casey. One of these four is out? This is a hard one. Ummmm, Todrick is out? Or is it Casey? Damn, this is hard. I know it isn’t Lee or Tim, but then, I knew it wasn’t Katelyn, either…

Ok, it’s not Casey for sure. Todrick then. 

Tim’s in. Quelle suprise. MUST be Todrick.

Thank God, I’m right this time. Glad to see the back of this gimp. Yes, I can find you someone to love, Todrick. She/he is back under the rock you backflipped out of.


Scott Savol and Matt Giraud do a little lunge music top fill in the time, and it’s not too bad. The Savol dude has a funny look to him.


Crystal. She has the decency to look worried, but don’t even waste my time right now, Seacrest.

Michael. Again, wasting my time, but at least I got to watch Debbie the floor manager f**k up again. 

Lacey. I really want her to get through, but I could see her getting kicked out…

Alright, cool, she’s in.

Aaron. As Star Wars characters say, I’ve got a bad feeling about this…

but no, he’s in. Have to say I’m happy, but he’s got to get better.

Alex and Andrew. Shit, i’ve got another sinking feeling. Come on, esse…

Nice, he’s in, but I feel bad for Alex, cos he’s been good, he really has. Oh, now I don’t feel bad, because he’s bloody crying. Sounds like the tears got into the mic.


Actually, looks like Siobhan had a little notion for him. On that, how much riding is actually going on backstage? I want to know, America!


Katie and Lilly after the break. I can turn the TV off now, but for you, dear reader, I’ll keep it on.










Seriously, I hope you appreciate this.











You are f**king KIDDING ME! That can only be a popularity vote. She is infinitely more talented that Katie, and Lilly is unsurprisingly surprised. I hate this stupid “entertainment program”, and I have just turned the TV off.


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  1. Gerard McGarry

    So, to recap – Katelyn Epperly, Lilly Scott, Todrick Hall and Alex Lambert got eliminated?

    That’s a nice result. Look at the girls – you don’t need a Lilly Scott when you’ve got a Crystal Bowersox. You don’t need a Katelyn Epperly when you’ve got a Didi Benami (OK, Katelyn wrong-footed me by playing Coldplay the other week – something I can’t and won’t forgive).

    On the the males. Todrick. Simon effectively gave him the kiss of death when he declared he was a Broadway performer the other night. Not. A. Recording. Artist. I won’t miss this grinning loon and his sub-par singing. As for Alex Lambert, he had a f*cking mullet! Nah, but I did like him though. Unfortunately, there were similar and better performers – I think everyone’s surprised at the improvement in Tim Urban in the last two weeks, aren’t they?

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