American Idol’s Top Eight Guys – 10th March 2010

Before I go on – Simon was leaning into Kara. Definitely.


[[Lee DeWyze]] with Fireflies by Owl City.

Very effeminate song for a tough guy. Despite him making a decent stab at with his own style, I’m not convinced. He’s also a little bit pitchy, which is unforgivable at this stage.


Randy always gives feedback the same way “(Insert urban slang expression here) dawg. Hey listen, I wasn’t (metaphoric substitute for “impressed”), but here’s what I like about you”


[[Alex Lambert]] with Trouble by Ray LaMontagne.

Ooh, he better not balls this song up… and he doesn’t for the most part, but Ray has such a unique sound, that this ultimately falls flat. Bad final note, too.

[[Tim Urban]] with Hallelujah by Jeff Buckley.

Another great song taken to task. Again, not bad, but not convinced. And the girlies clap clap clap… while the judges gush gush gush. Uughh.

[[Andrew Garcia]] with Genie in a Bottle by Christina Aguilera.

Thank God it wasn’t Dirrty. Come on esse, don’t let me down….. Well, sounds good, but how long can the covers of pop divas last?

[[Casey James]] with You’ll Think of Me by Keith Urban.

Despite a heavy reliance on background singers, and the fact the song was made famous by someone named Keith,… not bad for such a twat. ‘Nuff said.

[[Aaron Kelly]] with I’m Already There by Lonestar.

Pitchy as all get out. I’m actually wincing. The kid is full of soul, but I’m not sure it’s channeled yet. Plus, I have bad drunken memories of a Lonestar song. Don’t ask.

[[Todrick Hall]] with Somebody to Love by Queen.

What is with the iconic songs tonight? Why do these guys insist on biting off more than they can chew? Lots of Mariah Carey shit in it, and an unexplainable key change at the start. No Randy, Todrick is not back. If only he’d actually go away.

[[Michael Lynche]] with This Woman’s Work by Kate Bush.

This dude is talented, but what was that Kate Bush type shite at the top and tail? Oh right, it was ACTUAL Kate Bush shite. He didn’t even change the gender of the lyrics.


I don’t feel inspired by any of the blokes, though. I feel inspired to hit Kara for the teary bullshit, but that’s another matter. I was really rooting for Garcia, but he’s losing me. Maybe i’ll shift to Lynche, because I get the feeling Aaron aint in for the long haul…

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Somebody To Love is enjoying a revival right now on the back of being sung on Glee last year. We’ll probably end up seeing it on X Factor this year as well. The worst bit about it is that it’s nowhere near to being Queen’s best song.

    On the subject of Andrew Garcia, you only like him because he’s a Hispanic version of you. But I agree, his ritual crucifixion of pop songs is getting wearing. He’s a one-trick kind of homie.

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