American Idol’s Top Eleven – Billboard #1 Night – 23rd March 2010

Oh, it’s been a week for me, since the last Idol. What a wonderful reprieve. Anyways:


Blah blah blah, you must vote. What if you hate the show, like me? I won’t vote for Crystal, even though she’s my fav… and it all comes back to money for Cowell and his cronies. Big bloody surprise.

Miley Cyrus gets achy breaky hearts going by being a mentor. The girl carries herself like a full grown woman, which is a little scary. I’m not sure she was spawned by the weirdness that is Hollywood, or she’s just an old soul. I hope it’s the latter.


Lee Dewyse with The Letter by The Box Tops.

Lot’s cheering, but I don’t think his voice fits it. Was just stupid, really.

Paige Miles with Against All Odds by Phil Collins.

Why does Seacrest interview Paige and not Lee? Oh dear, she DOES NOT sound good. As my roommate says, she’s better when she belts things out. Miley was full of shit.

Tim Urban with Crazy Little Thing Called Love by Queen.

Miley gives him a hug, of course. God, this is going to be painful. Yep, painful. This dude has zero personality. Really? A platform for girls to scream at him? F**k off, f**k off, F**K OFF!

Aaron Kelly with I Don’t Want To Miss a Thing by Aerosmith.

Another little sit down interview. Is it every other one? Why?

I love this kid, just because he’s a nice kid, and I hope Miley gives him a date. As it happens, he also has a great voice. I don’t think or want him to win, but I hope he’s along for a while.

Crystal Bowersox with Bobby McGee by Janis Joplin.

Man, she’s been building to this for a while. Finally a Joplin song, and boy does she deliver.

Michael Lynche with When a Man Loves a Woman by Percy Sledge.

The dude has a great voice and presence. It’ll be a very close call between him and Crystal.

Andrew Garcia with I Heard it Through The Grapevine by Marvin Gaye.

Hmmm, not sure what to say about this one. Good singing, but I think it might have been a bit blah.

Katie Stevens with Big Girls Don’t Cry by Fergie.

Despite taking a song from the poster-girl of skank, Katie shows a little personality here. Not too bad.

Casey James with The Power of Love by Huey Lewis and The News.

I honestly think this dude is a twat on amphetamines, but nonetheless, this performance wasn’t bad.

Crybaby with You’re No Good by Linda Ronstadt.

Uuuuughhhh, enough with the Ingrid Michaelson rip-off.

Siobhan Magnus with Superstition by Stevie Wonder.

There she goes with the screaming again, but so what, she’s fun. Kooky as all get out, but fun.


This elimination stuff is going to slow for me. I’d rather two went tomorrow. Like Paige and Didi.

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