American Idol’s Top Five – Harry Connick Jr/Frank Sinatra Night – May 4th 2010

First off, if you want a song about Frank Sinatra, listen to this. It really encapsulates his essence.

Harry Connick Jr is what I like to call a gorgeous George, meaning that he’s good-looking, talented and I want to hate him, but he’s just too nice. 

Aaron Kelly with Fly Me To The Moon.

I don’t know what Connick did, but he turned Aaron into a minister version of himself. Really good vocals, and I think that’s because Connick is really taking time over each part of the song with these guys. God, I want to hate him.

Casey James with Blue Skies.

Casey is NOT a gorgeous George. I have no problem hating him. He sounds like shit, too. Even Cowell cobbles together a good joke about Casey’s old boss booking him for a gig. Despite Connick sticking up for him, I think Casey is gone this week.

Crystal Bowersox with Summer Wind.

…and she even starts beside him and jokingly tinkles the ivories. Girl’s got guts. So far, she’s only one to sound like herself. She sounds low, though. Wait a minute, there she goes. I’m not a make up guy, but I love the make up.

Michael Lynche with The Way You Look Tonight.

I’m looking forward to this, because I think ol’ boy has the voice for it way more than anyone else. Yeah, great job.

Lee Dewyse with That’s Life.

I was worried he drop the rock rasp in, but he did another good job. Definitely a pretender to the Sox throne, and the judges seem to think so too.


So when do they start singing twice? I can’t wait…


Happy Star Wars day everyone, and May the 4th be with you. 

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