American Idol’s Top Four – Jamie Foxx/Movie Night – May 11th 2010

Only fourteen days left? Oh joy of joys! Oh rapture! God Bless you, [[Ryan Seacrest]]. May your children be sharp of mind and fleet of foot.

What is going on with the back of Jamie Foxx’s head, and his bloody t-shirts?

Have to say, though, he isn’t timid about getting into the contestant’s faces, literally.

[[Lee DeWyze]] with Kiss From a Rose by Seal.

Good choice for his particular strengths, but he doesn’t seem to have made an effort with his clothes, or his performance. He was out of tune, breathy, etc.

[[Michael Lynche]] with Will You Be There? by Michael Jackson.

He set himself a goal of being in the top three. What utter stupidity. He can’t control that. On top of that, another pffftt performance.

Crystal Bowersox and Lee Dewyse with Falling Slowly by Glen Hansard and Markéta Irglová.

Wow. Loved it. My two favs, great camera work, and it sounded beautiful. Anyone any ideas why Crystal is fiddling with Lee’s fret board? Is that a euphemism?

[[Casey James]] with Mrs Robinson by Simon and Garfunkel.

Uuughh. Painful, and what a nice hairstyle, reminiscent of Ron Perlman from Beauty and The Beast. All you need to know, is that they spent so much time with the cougar joke. That’s because that’s all that Casey is in this show, a joke.

[[Crystal Bowersox]] with I’m Alright by Kenny Loggins.

Good choice for her in terms of style, but what an obscure song. She perofmrs well, though.

Casey James and Michael Lynche with Have You Ever Really Loved a Woman? by Bryan Adams.

I can’t believe Casey convinced Michael to join him in his manipulative smarminess, using the flagship song of same. Total ballix.

I have one thing to say on manipulation. When you join two people together in the minds of the masses, they become far stronger than the sum of their parts. Whether they are engaging in extra-curricular activities or not, Crystal and Lee are now a couple in the collective unconscious of Idol fandom, and they are effectively unstoppable.

Mark my words, America.

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