American Idol’s Top Nine (Again) – Elvis Night – April 13th 2010

Secreast says something about last week’s “rescjultz” show and off we go into guyliner hell.

Crystal Bowersox with Saved.

It’s been a while since she was first, mainly because she’s been so good, i think. Better to keep her until the end. Nonetheless, she delivers again, and with a bit more balls this time.

Andrew Garcia with Hound Dog.

Have to agree with the dandy, that Garcia sounds boring. I’m concerned, and it’s founded. Bor-ring. The guy’s a great singer, but it was just so blah, and i hate it when he does bad. The studio crowd loves you, but you’re going home, bro.

Tim Urban with I Can’t Help Falling in Love With You.

Well, Lambert thinks itz pah-ritty, so this should be good. I think Seacrest’s ‘Turban’ joke went down like a french kiss at a family reunion. The same cannot be said of smiler’s performance, though. It was quite good actually. Honestly.

Lee Dewyse with A Little Less Conversation.

He’s getting a little more cocky, which is nice. 

Aaron Kelly with Blue Suede Shoes.

Seems a little karaoke, but his voice is great. 


During the break, there’s a commercial telling us that Lambert is coming to perform at the local casino, which tells you all you need to know about the caliber of performer that Idol is churning out.


Siobhan Magnus with Suspicious Minds.

Feels like she’s channeling Dolly Parton or someone similar, but she’s a laugh, she really is, and i love the way she completely rapes the song at the end. Best bit is the fact that she has easily the most congruent affect i have ever seen. There’s no mistaking she’s pissed at the judge’s comments.

Michael Lynche with In The Ghetto.

Man, that dude has a set of pipes. How the hell did he recieve the least votes?

Katie Stevens with Baby, What Do You Want Me To Do?

Is she still here? Not to mention the big orange face that so many girls her age sport in Belfast.

Casey James with Lawdy Miss Clawdy.

Oh just piss off, Casey.
















Oh sorry, I was getting into Glee there.

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