American Idol’s Top Nine – Lennon/McCartney Night – April 9th 2010

Why doesn’t Seacrest put us out of our misery by kicking Cowell in the frank and beans?

No mentor this week? Paul couldn’t make it?

Aaron Kelly with The Long and Winding Road

Not a bad choice, as he can make it country. Bit boring, but one of his technically better performances.

Katie Stevens with Let It Be.

Said it for a while: girl has a great voice, but it’s just…. meh. Pity, as it’s a great song. It seems she has found herself in times of trouble. Judges disagree with me, though. I definitely think she’s getting the length from Tim Urban.

Andrew Garcia with Can’t Buy Me Love.

Why’s he in front of the judges? Is he as sick of looking at them as I am? Not quite as good as last week, but I still think he’s on form.

Michael Lynche with Eleanor Rigby.

Michael and his African American family where in a band called the Lynche Mob? Seriously? Moving on… The song is a funky kind of deal. Fun, i’ll say that.


Kara says this show is about making music relevant. Jesus, that’s harder to swallow than the Lynche Mob.


Crystal Bowersox with Come Together.

Yep, perfect for her, but she’s looking down too much and losing some of her excellent vocal. Love the feathers in her hair.

Tim Urban with All My Lovin’.

The Loooovvveee Boaattt!

Casey James with Jealous Guy.

Decent performance. Actually, really good, but as the women beside me are pointing out, i’d prefer the smarm served in a separate container, please.

Siobhan Magnus with Across The Universe.

I got really excited about this, but she just wandered through it like a big sad-sack. Wasted oppourtunity.

Lee Dewyse with Hey Jude.

Pretty good, but I definitely preferred Fry and Laurie’s version.

Ummmm, bagpipes?


In finishing, I have to say I think Ellen is a genuinely funny and nice person. Her joke about the bagpipe player was a classic.

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