American Idol’s Top Seven – Inspiration Night – April 20th 2010

I have tons of respect for Alicia Keys, which is why I’m surprised she’s connecting herself with this show.


Casey James with Don’t Stop by Fleetwood Mac.

Fair enough, it was a decent performance, but he was quite stiff and didn’t, as Gerard says, “cut loose”.

Lee Dewyse with The Boxer by Simon and Garfunkel.

Really good, actually. I could see it being his two cents at the Prince’s Trust performance when he makes it big.


I’ve noticed when Cowell takes the time to be nice, he’s every bit as nice, as he’s twatty he is when he’s a twat.


Tim Urban with Better Days by The Goo Goo Dolls.

Deary me – Pitchy, breathy, and loaded with plosives. Plus, I’ve never gotten over how this number sounds like a praise song from Delirious?

Aaron Kelly with I Believe I Can Fly by R. Kelly (no relation).

Ooo-ee, he belted that sucker out. Well done, Aaron.

Siobhan Magnus with When You Believe from The Prince of Egypt Soundtrack.

Umm, looks Siobhan has gone all R’n’B. Always said it; the girl has a great voice…

and she is one kooky mofo.

Michael Lynche with Hero by Chad Kroeger.

He continues to deliver, but Gerard has a point – how are they going to market him?

Crystal Bowersox with People Get Ready by The Impressions.

You can tell she’s Alicia’s fav and all. I dunno how I feel about her crying. When I see that sort of stuff, I think it’s a bit much, and that’s from someone who calls himself a Crystal fan. There’s no doubt that she is still a great performer, but maybe she could’ve toned it down a bit.


Final thing I have to say is that I think Tim’s time has run out.

Don’t forget, if you love this show, give back. You should be able to use a British credit card. Or you could always download tonight’s songs.

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