American Idol’s Top Six – Shania Twain Night – April 27th 2010

Oh Shania, what a pretty lady you are, and at the ripe old age of 44, too. That’s it, that’s all I have to say about the fluff at the start, no pun intended, or maybe intended just a little bit.

Lee Dewyse with You’re Still The One.

Like Randy said, it had a weird beginning, but boy did he belt it out. I really think this dude is a contender for the throne of Mamma Sox.

Michael Lynche with It Only Hurts When I’m Breathing.

The backing music on this one is sha-hit! Lynche has a great vocal as usual, but i think the song is about as riveting as watching paint dry in Finland.


This episode is FULL of commercials. I’m dreading the double song singing.


Casey James with Don’t.

Bit of a vibrato going on here. With any luck he’ll vibrate his golden locks right off the stage.

Crystal Bowersox with No One Needs To Know.

Look’s like someone better take a trip to the jewelery store. I like the whole backing band thing, but I have to admit I was not completely blown away this week.

Aaron Kelly with You’ve Got A Way.

He’s found his niche. Kid’s gonna be a country singer.

Siobhan Magnus with Any Man of Mine.

Seacrest wonders aloud about what’s going to happen tomorrow, because it’s so close. Well, he just got his answer.

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