American Idol’s Top Ten Guys – 2nd March 2010


I’m upset tonight, for two reasons.

The first, Crystal Bowersox is sick and in hospital, forcing the guys to perform tonight instead. She must’ve have had an attack of her latent i’mtootalentedtobeinvolvedwiththisshit-itis. It’s not a major cause for concern though, as none of the other girls appear to be afflicted with it.

Anyways, I’ll be nice this time and throw in the song info. Andiamo…

Michael Lynche with Mans World, by James Brown:

I’m not a fan of this dude, but he really was very very good. I honestly can’t think of anything to criticize him on.

John Park with Gravity by John Mayer:

Ickle bit pitchy and breathy, and he looked terrified. Not great.


Seacrest takes a break here to ask me if I want some more idol in my life. Umm, not so much.


Casey James with I Don’t Want To Be by Gavin McGraw.:

Throws down with the electric guitar, but he plays it better than he sings. At least he has the decency to admit others are better. Not even Kara likes him this week. Oh, and way too much makeup.  Now, if only the lightning had’ve hit him, instead of the TV

Alex Lambert with Everybody Knows by John Legend:

Brings in the guitar. Sounds good overall, and there’s more confidence there, but he’s dropping his eyes quite a bit. Maybe the evil ones will hide it with sunglasses like they did with the dude from OMC, then he might be a fully ripened banana.

Todrick Hall with What’s Love Got To Do With It? by Tina Turner:

Good singer, but where’s all the Todrick movement? Little off vocally, and plainly not interesting. Felt like I was in an elevator, and he looked like he was going to cry when he was harangued by the four horsepeople of the Apocalypse. Just go off and push up your pecs, Todrick, there’s a good lad.

Jermaine Sellers with What’s Going On? by Marvin Gaye:

Oh, Jermaine. No amount of steam or onesies were going to pull that travesty of a 10cc/lounge version of what was once a wonderful song, out of the gutter you jammed it into, whether you know God or not. 

Andrew Garcia with You Give Me Something by James Morrison:

Simon said he was frustrated again, and so am I. Weird pitches at times, and he sometimes didn’t even finish the lyrics. This is the second reason i’m upset tonight. You can do much better, esse.


It’s at this point that my housemate goes on about how the judges flip back and forth about whether they want people to revise song arrangements or not. I begin to engage her in this conversation when she redirects me to voting yet again for the dog, in the local Cutest Canine contest. Not surprisingly, I feel better about this than voting for Idol.


Aaron Kelly with My Girl by the Temptations:

Love this kid, but he’s a bit pitchy and has some kind of weird vibrato thing going on. Kara seemed to think this was great for some reason, but I think it was completely unintended.  At least he believes in himself more.

Tim Urban with Come On Get Higher by Matt Nathanson:

I love this song, so it was with a wince that I awaited pretty boy to finish his prayer and come on. Thankfully, God was listening this time and blessed him with a decent performance. Miles better than last week, but let’s face it, he’s really not that good, and I could really do without that shit-eating grin at the end.

Lee Dewyse with Lips of an Angel by Hinder:

I HATE this song, and again, I’m not particularly enamored with this bloke, but he works the micstand like a champ and belts it out decently, despite some pitchiness. The crowd seems to like him the most. I still can’t see how Cowell thinks he’s the best vocally, compared to Garcia at his best, or Lynche, from tonight.


Still, this is one of the few times I disagree with the judges. Maybe I’m starting to warm to Idol a little bit more, as I have a rule not to watch these shows, because the few times I have, I see them praising people that are shite. I think I was put off by Pop Idol in this regard, but the criticism I’ve heard so far seems to be pretty spot on. How this affects music in general, I’ll have many words on as we get nearer to the final…



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  1. Gerard McGarry

    Dude, you’re getting absorbed by Idol – you can tell from this post that you’re invested in some of the contestants! Didn’t take you too long to crumble, did it?

    Fancy covering America’s Got Talent? 😉

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