American Idol’s Top Ten – R n’ B Night – 30th March 2010


Us-ha is all over this biz-atch, and what a perfect complement to the crowning glory of self-indulgence. Oh, and what a coincidence! His new album is out today! If I didn’t know better, and I do, i’d imagine it was all orchestrated for him to plug his wares. Who woulda thunk?

Let’s go-oh!

The whole mentoring thing has a filmy look. I wonder why they changed up the capture format? Who knows? Even better, who cares?


Siobhan Magnus with Through The Fire by Chaka Khan.

Ooh, dear oh dear. She sounded a lot better in front of Usher. She is OFF tonight. What did Usher do to her? Seacrest tries to help her out again. Not such a bad lad. Aww and big teddy bear Michael comforts her too. I almost had a tear there. Almost.

Casey James with Hold On I’m A-Comin’ by Sam and Dave.

Yes, fair enough, it was a decent performance, but I’m a little bored of him treating his guitar like a cock. Amazingly though, Ellen actually went balls out, gave him some shit, and endured a boo. It only took a couple of months.

Michael Lynche with Ready For Love by India Arie.

Dude is an amazing singer, second only to Crystal.

Didi Benami with What Becomes of The Broken Hearted? by Jimmy Ruffin

I’ll tell you becomes of them; they manage to get on a intelligence sucking piece of shit programming on the Fox network and bawl their f**king eyes out every F**KING WEEK! I am so sick of her, and she was absolute crap, to boot.

Teflon Tim with Sweet Love by Anita Baker.

Too true with the nickname. I see he’s trying to eye-bang the camera, but he looks like a startled dear. Very blah, as usual. Piss off, Tim, and take the shit-eating grin with you.


I’m very proud of Ellen tonight. It’s about time she laid into people.


Andrew Garcia with Forever by Chris Brown.

‘Ol boy is back! Bout bloody time.

Katie Stevens with Chain of Fools by Aretha Franklin.

She’s just forgettable.

Lee Dewyse with Treat Her Like A Lady by The Cornelius Brothers.

The guy is good, no doubt, but he’s just not my fav, and it’s a crap song. Sorry.

Crystal Bowersox with Midnight Train to Georgia by Gladys Knight and the Pips.

What a great choice for her. Seemed a little disconnected between the piano and the standing, and I agree with Cowell (uugh) that she shouldn’t stray far from her identity, but she did it again.

Aaron Kelly with Ain’t No Sunshine by Bill Withers.

I’ve always loved this kid, but I question his wardrobe choice and his voice was a little weak. He’s a country singer, end of.


Finally, we’re getting down to just the wheat and the comp might actually get interesting as a battle between talents. All we need rid of are Tim, Katie and Didi, or, with any luck, Didi, Didi and Didi.

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