American Idol’s Top Twelve – Rolling Stones Night – 16th March 2010

As if the self-flagellation and over-consumption leading up to this point wasn’t enough, Idol has taken it a step further, with more lights, more people, a narrator, and a more concentrated rip-off of actual talent. Still, they aren’t half as bad as the Stones themselves, who have been dining out on their own music since the seventies, back when they actually made good stuff.

And the BLOODY sob stories are back! Moving on…


[[Michael Lynche]] with Miss You.

Meh. Not as good as he has been, and i think the judges agree somewhat.


I have to say in general that [[Ryan Seacrest]] impresses me with his integrity, or as much as one could have within a fifty mile radius of that stage. He stands up to Cowell. Good man.


[[Didi Benami]] with Play With Fire.

Oh Didi, your mother gets nervous about your judging? Is it possible that you could not cry about that? Please? 

She looks mightily pissed off, but I have to say, does a great job singing the song. I’m just so sick of her face. She actually has the balls to say she has balls, from living in LA. She makes out that she’s tough! HA!

[[Casey James]] with false modesty, sorry, All Over Now.

Not bad, but not amazing, and I just couldn’t shake the old Insignia ad out of my head.

[[Lacey Brown]] with Ruby Tuesday.

I do believe that Lacey’s background vid sheds light on the contacts issue. She has her dad’s eyes. Lucky her. She does a darn good version of the song as well. I like this girl. Little bit weird at the end, though.

[[Andrew Garcia]] with Gimme Shelter.

Crying crying crying. Oh sweet Jesus, make it stop. On with the music: Decent, but not great, esse. Have to agree with Kara, intensity was missing.

[[Katie Stevens]] with Wild Horses.

Here she comes to “put Connecticut (an entire f**king state) on the map“. Thanks for that, Katie. No thanks for the soporific performance, though.

[[Tim Urban]] with Under My Thumb.

Ok, he seems like a nice bloke, but reggae? Really? Is he going for a Mraz dealy here? If so, big mistake.

[[Siobhan Magnus]] with Paint it Black.

There she goes again, all sultry and shit this time, with the kooky edge. Girl’s a performer, no doubt. Maybe didn’t need the screech at the end.

[[Lee DeWyze]] with Beast of Burden.

I’m not familiar with this particular song, so I can’t comment on the “interpretation” but he does a decent job as usual. He could do well with a band of his own, I think.

[[Paige Miles]] with Honky Tonk Woman.

This better be good, because she doesn’t deserve to be here. Yeah, pretty good, but her and Katie aren’t off the hook.

[[Aaron Kelly]] with Angie.

Interesting pick, interesting version. Kid’ll be a country star, no doubt.

[[Crystal Bowersox]] with You Can’t Always Get What You Want.

Ooh-ee does her da look just as you would imagine him or what? Man, they’ve dolled her up nice. She looks prettier every time I see her. anyway, the song, oh yeah. Yet again, solid, confident, impressive. Judges weren’t blown away though.


So what happens tomorrow? Do we lose some more dead weight? Am I about to eat my words from tonight again? Oh, what does it all matter? Well, apparently it matters to some people.

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  1. Gerard McGarry

    This is so annoying, but over here in the Kingdom United they split American Idol into two parts. So I’m only commenting on half your post right now.

    Garcia was at least trying to put in a different class of performance. Big Mike – to be fair to him – took on a song I had never heard before. But he played the same hand as last week – falsetto and gruff vocals in the same performance.

    I like Casey’s country-blues schtick (please, no puns!), and I think he could be quite a good artist in this genre. Probably sell bucketloads in the big-hat wearing areas of the country. As for the girls, there’s a definitive pecking order – Didi beats Lacey beats Katie. I frowned a lot when Lacey dropped her ‘Christian credentials’, because I feel that’s become such a sales point – tap into the Christian market for extra support.

    For me, Didi is the most accomplished female artist (certainly of the first half). And she’s the hottest of the first half too. Hell, she’s probably the hottest girl in the competition. What do you say? Let’s have a hottest ladies of Idol 2010 post!

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