American Idol’s twelfth Elimination (Final 2) – 19th May, 2010

Christ, there’s only three left? Am I really this close to not having to ever watch this shit again?


What is going on with the camera work?


There it is, Crystal wants to win. Good, because i’d thought she was settling.

But Casey is settling. You can see it on his face, he’s going home tonight.


Crystal talks about her health. She actually looks like she’s lost a lot of weight, but she alludes to extra health care she wouldn’t have got before.


That f**king soft focus on the judges!


Every bloody Ford commercial has shown the artist simply standing and singing to camera. I don’t think it’s ever really worked.


Casey comes back to Texas and they play “These Girls Fall Like Dominoes” and the girls shout “He touched me!”. Make their day and spit on them, Casey. Enjoy it dude, it’ll be gone within the year. OK, fine, to be fair to him, he seems genuinely appreciative.


Travis Garland with Casanova or something random.

Good God, who is this f**kwit? That’s five minutes i’ll never get back.


Is it just me, or does the mayor of Toledo look like he belongs in a biker gang?

OK, so they throw a cross into the T of “Bowerstock”, despite the fact that Crystal has never so much as alluded to a faith, other than saying “thank the Lord”. Has this been crowbarred into the proceedings by a conservative community, or is it something she comes from? She plays with the camera and the crowd well, though. I love that an original of hers that was played. It hints to the artist she may become once all this is done.


I have to say, seeing Lee walk down the hallway of Wrigley Field with his DeWyse Jersey and throwing the first pitch… if you’re not from the US, and you don’t realize what a big part of Chicago culture that is, I forgive you for not knowing what a big deal it is for him. Still, again, things are stacked in his favor. I like the guy, but his story is the best and cut just the right way. He’s the underdog made good. My prediction us that he will win, despite Crystal being a completely equal competitor.


I’m not even going to watch Justin Beibiller, beebsy something or other. Thank God for downloads and small mercies.


In the dim the lights section, notice Crystal holding her Insulin regulator. There it is, Casey is done. Big surprise.


Classy ending, twatbag. You made that kid’s year. Well done.

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