America’s Got Talent: Was it a mistake to reject Nina Morales?

Just fresh from my round-up of America’s Got Talent, I wanted to ask a question about 10 year old singer Nina Mojares.

While Howie Mandel seemingly liked the act, [[Piers Morgan]] complimented her voice but still said it wasn’t great. Sharon Osbourne thought she was very talented, but when it came to the deciding vote, she chose not to send the girl and her dancer friends through to the Vegas rounds.

After rejecting Nina and Legit, Sharon explains that “She’s a really strong little girl that’s got a lot of talent, but I just felt her voice was still maturing…she going to be something great one day”.

A number of blogs have slated the Got Talent judges for putting through clearly awful acts like Mary Ellen and leaving out a little girl who clearly had stage presence. Buddy TV says:

After putting through two marginal to awful acts, I was very surprised when they pulled the plug on ten-year old Nina Morales. This girl had stage presence, charisma and a good voice for a kid her age. She worked with a group of backup dancers that looked like relatives and I liked them. It makes no sense that she was sent away when the yodeler made it through. If they do wild card picks this year, this girl would be my choice.

I think they’re comparing apples to oranges with that statement. A funny old lady doing a patently terrible act is one thing. Nina – despite my gripes about her tunefulness (or lack of it) – has a strong voice and with a little work could be nipping at Christina Aguilera’s heels in a few years. You may feel that she should have been given her chance, but if she’d gone through this year, she’d have bombed out pretty quickly and that would have been America’s Got Talent finished for her.

By rejecting her, Sharon taught her that she has room for improvement, and that she’s got a second chance to come back to this competition in a year or two’s time and really knock us out.

Check that act out again and tell me what you think…

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  1. chucklasker

    You’re being very naive, Gerry. How many people can you name that were rejected by reality talent show judges for being “not ready” that have since become famous? None. They say, “she will be great some day.” You say, “with a little work could be nipping at Christina Aguilera’s heels in a few years.” But that’s a dream world where you believe that if you have talent you will ultimately always be successful.

    This is the reality – entertainment success is 90% luck in the beginning. It takes work to turn that into something, but you can work 20 hours a day for 30 years and never get noticed. Look at Mary Ellen from the same show – singing in a subway for 10 years before being lucky enough to get on America’s Got Talent.

    By crushing her dreams, the two pompous Brit judges have doomed Nina to obscurity. The odds of Nina getting ANOTHER chance are extremely low. That is, unless we DEMAND they bring her back.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’ll agree to disagree with you on this one! I can give you one example – Alexandra Burke who won X Factor a couple of years ago, was initially rejected two years previously. She came back as a polished pop performer and took the show by storm.

      If I’m being honest, I wasn’t totally impressed with the vocal she gave. She’s confident, cute and has a really good – but raw in my opinion – voice. There’s a little bit of polishing to be done there too. Push her forward this year, and she risks being outclassed by better singing acts. Then she won’t be able to re-apply. Leave her for another year, maybe two, and she’ll still be cute, but able to dominate that stage in a way she didn’t this year.

      Oh, and I’m not entirely convinced she should have Legit with her next time. They’re good dancers and all, but Nina would be the star attraction.

      Still, I see you’re running a campaign to get Nina reinstated, and I respect that even if I don’t totally agree with it. Good luck with the campaign. Do you want me to run a blog post about it?

      1. chucklasker

        Thanks, Gerard.

        I guess if Nina was able to come back again to the same show, that might be another shot for her. People do that with So You Think You Can Dance, so why not America’s Got Talent?

        My thought is just that, outside of America’s Got Talent, the odds that Nina will break out are infinitesimal. I would have felt better if Osborne had at least said, “practice, get a vocal coach, and come back next year.” It seemed she, and you, felt that with a little improvement, she’d just automatically become successful.

        I also would have felt better if they hadn’t passed on a couple dozen horrible acts already this season, then dumped Nina’s act.

        Are you sure that, if they had let her through to Vegas, she would not have been able to reapply another year? That’s not how the other talent shows do it.

        1. Gerard McGarry

          How often do you see someone who’s got through to the final rounds of American Idol or America’s Got Talent return in a following year? I can honestly say never – I think there’s a contractual rule that says if you perform on live shows, you can’t reapply for the show.

          What I think you’re overlooking – and I assume you’re close to Nina in some way – is that her singing was not top notch. Her voice was fantastic. Great tone, strong belter of a voice. However, if you look at my original comments on her act, I was bemused about the singing from the start.

          I’d hate to think that the desire to get her through now would cost her the opportunity to go away and refine her act and come back in a year or two.

  2. lauraltucker

    Nina was outstanding.  Beyond ready.  That was the worst mistake ever on the show.  Sharon even had a hard time with her self making that call.  That little girl was great.  How could they send that 74 year old no talent and not that 10 year old loaded with talent???

    I normally love the shows and the judging but they made the biggest blooper on Nina.  I hope she will not let it get her down.  I really hope she will show Sharon and Piers they were wrong.




  3. Jeffrey Scott

    First my thoughts. I thought Nina was good enough go on. I was also upset they let pass a few awful acts, only to pass on her. Even the comedic “magician” who was passed through was likely a poor choice.

    Now, on to Devil’s advocate.

    For rejecting her: If she is really determined, she will be back and she will work on her voice. Sometimes a set-back like this makes one more determined. Truth is, I was thinking she needed more work also.

    For accepting her: She was much better than some of the acts already pushed through. She should have received that chance and let America decide if she was good enough. Is it true if she were to go on she couldn’t reapply next year? I seem to recall others trying out who went on but not all the way.

    Long story short, most success in this industry ‘IS’ luck. But it’s also a lot of hard work and determination. If she wants it hard enough, we will see Nina again. At the end of the day she would not have gone all the way. I think we could all agree on that bit at least.

  4. RivkaS

    The kid was nowhere near pathetic enough to survive this competition.  ‘ol dreaded curse of “too much going” for herself – looks, stage presence and vocal ability.  I worked in the music industry and by the best standards had good success, gold albums, major labels, and never heard anybody tell adolescent talent – “I would like to see you LESS rehearsed”  Sharon needs to stick to the darker rock genres, because with kids – they can never practice hard enough.  Time for her showbiz/backstage mom to get busy and take her directly to Disney and Nic casting calls, movies – television, etc. The kid is doing her part – the parents have to make things happen from here.   

  5. Lucia3540

    This 10 year old girl was completely amazing. I could not believe it when she was not given the oppurtunity to go to Las Vegas. The judges let these bizzare IDIOTS pass and go to Las Vegas and then you hear this remarkable girl that with a little bit of practice go show everyone something great in Las Vegas.

    I still cannot believe she didnt pass. I swear, if I was a judge I wouldve told her this, “You need to work on your singing just a little but I believe you got a lot of talent and guts to show up here today and its a yes from me.” She has TALENT. She has COURAGE, VOICE and much SUCCESS in her future. These judges do not know what they are doing. They are picking some AWFUL people who are going to Las Vegas just because they tried or other idiotic reasons. It makes me so upset how this talented, young girl and her crew did not make it. Well, the judges were right for one thing…she’s going to be amazing. I hope to see her in the near future in concerts and television singing her heart out because she deserves to be known and she DESERVES to be heard. She is great! Yes, I agree her voice has still some maturing to make but I mean, MAN, that was spectacular. If you are reading this. Let me tell you something. Dont give up and dont hear others who are telling you your not good enough. Because.You.Are.Superb!

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