America’s Has and Really Hasn’t Got Talent!

Well if anyone has ever wondered where all of those hippy-type radicals, who invented sniffing glue, went after the riots and sit-in in the 60s – the answer is clear from America’s Got Talent’s Tuesday night auditions – Portland, Oregon! 

I loved the guy who was leaping around the stage backwards and fell off just in front of the judge’s table, but the painted woman, leading the painted man on a leash, trying to get him to do stupid human tricks, took the cake. 

I have to say, based on the annual rainfall and the quantity of people unable to stand without scratching themselves and drooling, steer clear of Portland, Oregon.  The east coast has better cheesecake and talent!

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  1. Lisa McGarry

    That Frankie guy who pulled a string through his stomach was revolting…but I have ti agree with Piers morgan…it was a little compelling lol. The blood on the string wasn’t the nicest though!

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