Amy Adams confirmed to play Lois Lane in Superman reboot

We’ve been harbouring a crush on Amy Adams since the flame-haired actress first tumbled out of a Disney cartoon and into New York City in Enchanted. So we’re absolutely stoked to announce to you all that Amy has been confirmed to play Lois Lane in Zack Snyder’s upcoming reboot of the Superman movies!

Adams will be starring opposite Henry Cavill, who will be playing the Man Of Steel. His casting as Clarke Kent was announced back in January. Talking about the casting of Adams as Lois Lane, director Zack Snyder said:

Second only to Superman himself, the question of who will play Lois Lane is arguably what fans have been most curious about. So we are excited to announce the casting of Amy Adams, one of the most versatile and respected actresses in films today. Amy has the talent to capture all of the qualities we love about Lois: smart, tough, funny, warm, ambitious and, of course, beautiful.

At the worst-case scenario, Adams can’t be any worse at the job than Kate Bosworth, who was utterly forgettable as Lane. In fact, having seen Amy Adams in a number of movies, it’s clear that she’s a diverse actress who can please the kiddie audience (Enchanted/Night At The Movies 2) but also play it straight when the need arises. As her Academy Award nomination for The Fighter proves.

Talking about the need to update Superman to make him (and Lois) relevant to modern cinemagoers, Snyder went on to say:

It goes back to what I’ve said about Superman and making him really understandable for today. What’s important to us is making him relevant and real and making him empathetic to today’s audience so that we understand the decisions he makes.  That applies to Lois as well. She has to be in the same universe as him [in tone and substance].

There’s a lot of buzz surrounding this latest Superman movie, with a lot of fans hoping that Zack Snyder will resurrect the series in the same way Christopher Nolan did with Batman. One thing’s for damned sure – Superman: The Man Of Steel seems to be moving at a much better pace than its predecessor did! The movie’s slated to be in cinemas for December 2012, barring Earth shattering cataclysms.

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