Amy MacDonald – This Pretty Face – Single review

Seems like forever since we were treated to a new single from Scottish songstress Amy MacDonald. Imagine my surprise when I discovered that This Pretty Face is actually the third single from Amy’s second album.

Listening to the single, it’s not really a surprise. This is a veer into a deeply unfashionable style of country music that’s strictly UK. And you should know that the UK can’t do country to save its economy.

To make matters worse, Amy tackles the tired old subject matter of celebrity culture. You can’t attack celebrity culture these days without looking like a whinging old curmudgeon. Even if you applaud the message, as I do, being a singer and hoping to stick it in the eye of a marketplace you rely upon is the dumbest kind of hypocrisy. Let’s face it, if you’re hoping to make your living as a singer, actor or general media personality, you need your face in the papers. If you reject that fundamental rule, it’s back to living with mum and dad while you work out your next career move.

The unfortunate thing that makes this single a complete flop is that it has no hook or indeed anything interesting to recommend it as a song. It meanders on at its own pace without a single melody or lyric to stick in your head. Forgettable guff. Sorry Amy.


  1. JohnBoy

    To say this song has no hook or melody is ridiculous because for the past 3 days now i cannot get this out of my head.

    I’ve heard it everyday on the Chris Evans breakfast show.

    To the poster above, if she had made a massive departure from her first record you would moan, and now shes tried to keep them similar you moan, so really artists can’t win. 

    I for one will be humming this song for the next few weeks as it’s so memorable and catchy and unlike anything else on the radio right now. 

    As Chris Evans said ‘ She’s done it again! Amy Macdonald with another amazing song!’ I’d tend to trust the most listened to radio personality in the UK over anyone else. 

    1. RandomEnigma

      Actually JohnBoy, I wouldn’t moan because I’m all for artists making departures with their sound. I’m also with artists keeping their sound if it works out well for them. I wish I shared your enthusiasm for this song because I was a big fan of her first album but I think she has just basically regurgitated the same themes all over again for her second album. I constantly get bouts of deja vú when listening to that album and feel as if I’m hearing the same old thing over and over again. It’s not that its a bad album, it’s just a little bland.

      I wish I could share your enthusiam for the song but having listened for the last four months, I just find it forgettable. I do like the message she’s trying to spread in this song and I love her voice. Maybe she’ll impress me with the next album?

      In the mean time, don’t whine at me because I don’t share your opinion of the song and don’t say “I’d moan if I…” when you don’t even know me. I’m perfectly free to give my opinion on what I think of a song, good or bad!

    2. Gerard McGarry

      I’m not going to apologise for my opinion, but I do respect you taking the time to sign up and share your thoughts, JohnBoy.

      I personally listen to a wide variety of music from pop to metal to soul to singer/songwriter acoustic songs. I like to think I’m quite picky about what I think is good and what’s rubbish. Anyway, beyond trying to explain my stance, I just don’t like the song, I don’t like the boring old “I hate celebrities” crap that Amy’s trotting out. While presumably trying to sell enough records to justify her record deal.

      But if you like it, that’s great. Statistically, someone had to.

  2. RandomEnigma

    Oh, I’m so glad you did this review. I agree 100%. As much as I loved Amy Macdonald’s first album This Is The Life, her second A Curious Thing, which this single is taken from is, is just an extension of her debut with a few added rockier and electronic influences thrown in. I just don’t feel like it’s a huge departure and she’s just regurgitating the same lyrics over and over again. This is simply Footballer’s Wife Part 2. I think when she was criticising the pretty face she was talking about Z-list celebs with artificial faces that contribute nothing to society. And your right of course, this song just meanders along with no real hook or melody. It pains me to say this because I love Amy and I appreciate the message of this song but she failed marvelously with this.

    She’s really springing out the singles, as you noted, from this album. Don’t Tell Me That It’s Over was released alongside the album in March, Spark was released in May and now This Pretty Face will be released in July. What’s the rush, Amy? Normally artists wait three months, not two between singles.

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