Amy Pond is pregnant! So, who’s the daddy?

The Doctor’s relationship with new companion [[Amy Pond]] looks set to take a new turn. When he encounters her five years in the future, she’s heavily pregnant!

In [[Amy’s Choice (Doctor Who episode)|Amy’s Choice]], The Doctor meets up with Amy five years after their travels together ended. Which is good in a way, because it rules out the Gallifreyan being the father. Though that’s not stopping the tabloids running with the “Who’s The Daddy?” headlines (mine is tongue in cheek, dontcha know?)

Can you imagine if it’d been David Tennant’s randy Doctor? Those puppy dog eyes? He wouldn’t have been last of the Time Lords anymore…

I’ve been trying to work out the chronology of this episode. It’s directly preceeded by [[Vampires Of Venice (Doctor Who episode)|Vampires Of Venice]], which features Arthur Darvill as Amy’s fiance Rory. We know from the episode synopsis for Vampires that The Doctor “takes Amy and Rory for a romantic mini-break”. Therefore Rory appears in the episode before this. And Amy’s Choice is set five years in the future. Is it possible that Rory puts his foot down and compells Amy to stay in Leadworth with him?

What else do we know about this episode? Well, The Doctor returns and Amy is forced to make a difficult decision (is it to travel with him again?). We know that a character called the Dream Lord will make an appearance. Some sources suggest that because the Dream Lord is dressed in tweed, he might be either a version of The Doctor or a trickster impersonating The Doctor.

But what if Amy’s being tricked into thinking she’s pregnant? The same theme occurred in Moffat’s [[Forest Of The Dead (Doctor Who episode)|Forest Of The Dead]] when Donna Noble was given a virtual life and believed that she’d married and had two children.

So, let the wild Doctor Who speculation begin! Will Amy be pushing a pram across far-flung planets, or will she abandon The Doctor forever? Or is there an unforeseen third option? Over to you, folks…

P.S. The residents of Leadworth take an objection to the TARDIS materialising on a flower bed in the village. Rather than petition the council to have it removed, they take matters into their own hands. What’s more important? The universe being in peril for the 457 billionth time, or an unsightly blue box on your begonias?

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  1. do me a melon

    Not sue what to make of this picture and the plot details so far.  I’m sad to think that Amy might not be around for the greatest amount of time, but maybe that’s to do with the cracks in time being her fault?

    Though then again, it could all be smoke and mirrors.

    1. Gerard McGarry

      I’m still having a giggle about what would happen if Amy was to go time traveling with a baby in tow! Imagine one of the newest gadgets on the TARDIS console being a fold-out baby change table. Or The Doctor being legally required to fit child seats.

      Can you imagine The Doctor having to navigate hostile planets pushing a pram? Or having to wipe baby spew off his tweed lapels? Really, that should be up for the next Doctor Who/Comic Relief crossover!

  2. bubbles

    your assuming alot because we dont know how long the gestation period (pregnancy) of timelords or human/timelord is ! so how do you know that the Doctor and Amy dont get together on one of their adventures or get put under some alien mojo and do it, in the future? like a version of romeo and juliette but without the suicide and the waring familys but with Rory instead stopping them. But im guessing that the baby could be the Doctors but because its a human/timlord mix it could need more time to develop because of the massive inteligence of the timelords aka five years later and the baby is only just starting to show, like a normal pregnancy and with the story line that was in the episode it never tells you that the doctor never visited in the five years because he could and Amy never said, yeah early on she said “you came here by accident didnt you” but he could of visited and things got steamy and normal time later because shes human, baby bump! , and Amy is married to Rory by then so they would of had sex in the time that they had been married so they would think it was Rorys wouldnt they?

  3. magsmagenta

    that we’ve seen the last of the Dream Lord, or that beetle on Donnas back for that matter, she was still being told that there was something on her back in the finale after Turn Left.

    1. magsmagenta

      I don’t think there is any chance of The Doctor and Amy getting together because even if she does fancy him a bit it was established by the end of the series that she loves Rory, and it’s obvious that The Doctor has no interest in her that way, any more than he had that sort of interest in Martha or Donna. That doesn’t mean that he would never have an interest in a human as we saw with Rose, but he knows as he tried to explain to her in series 2 that a relationship with a human would be difficult because of The Doctors long lifespan meaning that Rose would age long before he did, That was why he left the half human Doctor with Rose in the alternate universe. 

      In the Doctor Who Movie it’s revealed that The Doctor is half human, which explains his fascination with Earth, so A time lord and human hybrid isn’t an impossibility. The exact circumstances of this aren’t explained, but it’s possible that the relationship between his parents ended badly, or caused some sort of scandal on Gallifrey, which could be why it’s so often inferred that he had a difficult childhood there, and why he is so reluctant now to begin a relationship with a human.

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