Andrew Edmonds leaves Big Brother in fifth place

He’ll forever be remembered in Big Brother history for his awesome Jack Bauer task, but Andrew – whose surname no-one seems to know – has ended up in fifth place. Not a bad result for someone who wasn’t part of the original housemate gang.

Davina asks him if he felt that he faded into the background when Sam Pepper entered the house. Hilariously, the audience drowned him out with chants of “Pepper! Pepper!” Kind of stole his thunder with that one Davina.

He refused to answer the rumour that he’d once shagged a watermelon. Davina took his silence as a yes anyway. Well, everybody’s got to start out somewhere!

Andrew also spoke about his crush on Josie and said that she’d gotten back to herself since John James had left the house. I doubt that he stands much of a chance in the real world though.

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