Andrew Garcia and Katie Stevens voted off American Idol

American Idol received over 34 million votes this week, the highest of the season so far. Unfortunately for Andrew Garcia and teen singer Katie Stevens, not enough of those votes were for them. Both were eliminated.

For [[Andrew Garcia]], his American Idol journey ends after a disappointing string of performances. At the audition stages he wowed everybody with his acoustic version of Paula Abdul’s Straight Up. And though we always held a hope that he’d somehow recover that sparkle in the live shows, he disappointed virtually every week. It seems like this was the week his fanbase accepted the inevitable.

Even Stevie, who was backing Garcia since the start, had acknowledged Andrew had run his course. While he had talent, he made it into the finals because he had a gimmick. And that gimmick made him a one-trick pony.

On the other hand, [[Katie Stevens]] had been busily raising her game. She went from ‘barely able to sing’ to being a sassy performer with a great voice in the last couple of weeks. It’s OK to lose someone like Andrew who literally blew his chances – but it’s harder to lose a singer like Katie who had actually been improving week on week. Worse still, that she was probably one of the few artists in the show who could’ve had a great mainstream pop career.

After being eliminated, Katie sang her last song on the show, The Beatles’ Let It Be. There were a few tearful finalists looking on from the wings. [[Siobhan Magnus]] and [[Crystal Bowersox]]  were particularly affected – they’re the last two female contestants this year.

Elsewhere on the show, the finalists performed an Elvis medley featuring some of his greatest hits. There was another one of the Idol Ford Adverts where it dawned on me that there’s so much CGI in these videos that the bulk of the work must be done months in advance and the Idols are added at the last minute.

Guest performers included this week’s mentor Adam Lambert, who sang Whataya Want From Me. That probably pleased [[Ryan Seacrest|Seacrest]] no end. Brooke White and Justin Gaston performed a duet of If I Can Dream.

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