Anger Management (FILM Review)

Dave Buznik (Adam Sandler), a mild mannered introverted man meets Dr Buddy Ridell an off-the-wall therapist with a difference! Though an odd chain of events that seems all too unfair to Buznik.

The film begins by showing the viewer a scene involving a childhood embarrassment of Buznik, which later explains Buzniks main problem. We then meet Dave, an employee for a company that demands it all and gives thanks for nothing. He is about to go on a business trip and we witness him answering a phone call from his boss. The call is to the point, thankless and disconnected before Buznik has finished his sentence. He is then walking through the airport with his partner Linda, but uncomfortable with public affection, and noticing a man watching, he boards his flight without kissing her goodbye.

On boarding the plane he finds that his seat is already taken. He is therefore offered a seat by an approachable looking man who acts a little odd, then insists that he watch the movie with him. Buznik gently requests headphones from a stuardess who, after ignoring his request several times while gossiping with a crew member, accusses him of being agressively demanding then the matter escalates as an apparent member of security shocks him with a Tazer after being reminded that this is a “difficult time for our country”. He then must attend court where his apparently incompetent lawyer seems unable (or unwilling!) to challenge the situation in his client, Buzniks’ favour. He is then instructed by a judge to attend an Anger Management Class run by a Dr Buddy Rydell.

Arriving at the class, Dave discovers Rydell is actually the very same man who offered him a seat and sat next to him on the plane. Dr Rydell’s class includes a mix of angry people from all walks of life from football fans to porn stars. Probably the most unstable of the group is Chuck, an ex-soldier who happens to be chosen by Dr Ridell as Dave’s “anger allie”. This is to be the moment where Dave realises that this is going to consume his whole life!

After going home and talking with his partner he has a visitor at the door, Chuck! Dave grudgingly agrees to go to the pub for a chat but ends up in the middle of a fight Chuck started and breaks a waitress’ nose, accidentally of couse – while trying to take a blind mans cane! Now, back in court with the same lawyer – and the same judge!, he realises that he’s heading to jail unless he follows an intensive programme run by Dr Rydell. Which includes Dr Ridell staying with him!

The story continues as Dr Ridell becomes even more an unwelcome part of Buzniks life, he follows him to work, insisting that he go accross states when his (Dr Ridells) mother is in hospital and even appears to steal his partner, Linda. Which Buznik doesn’t need, coupled with the fact that he’s uncomfortable with his parnters ex, now best friend, who spends lot’s of time with her – often more than Dave can manage!

Without giving the story away completely, just what Dr Ridell is trying to achieve is somewhat misleading and, at the end of the film you might be surprised… Though I just couldn’t help feeling sorry for Buznik as his life seemed to be sinking further and further as time went on.

It’s a bit thrown together at times, a bit predictable… but to me it’s a great Adam Sandler style film – featuring the fantastic Jack Nicholsol who plays Dr Ridell brilliantly.

I’d definitely reccomend it. ****

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