Another Voting Leak – Katie and Mary in Danger?

Today, I released information about the inside voting leak, onto Digital Spy Forums, titled:  

The Official Leaked Voting Order as of 11am Today (Major Spoiler)

My source has claimed that this was he order, this morning  





One Direction



Usually there are sufficient fluctuations on the live Sunday results show, if the contestant’s percentages are relatively close together. My source also claimed that Rebecca and Cher’s percentages were very close together, and votes for Cher were waning. Rebecca was gaining some sort of momentum, but Matt was comfortably ahead.  

The gap between Mary and Katie is extremely narrow, whilst One Direction and Wagner are also very close. It has been one of the closest weeks yet in terms of voting.  

With the double elimination approaching, it looks like Katie or Mary will be eliminated automatically, with One Direction being save over Katie. However, due to my mention on twitter about the leak (, I am sure One Direction fans have been sent into a voting frenzy and Mary may survive her 1st sing off against Wagner, unless it goes to deadlock.  

We shall see in less than an hour

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