Another X Factor Scandal as Katie Waissel is saved and Aiden Grimshaw is voted off

Just when you think one outcome on X Factor is a definite, the show always reserves the right to completely shock you. That’s what happened tonight when Katie Waissel managed to avoid elimination and Aiden Grimshaw got sent home.

How did this happen, you ask? Well, blame the general public, apparently! Because when the judges sent the vote to deadlock – Simon and Cheryl saving Katie and Dannii and Louis saving Aiden – the biggest shock of the night was that THE PUBLIC had voted more for Katie than for Aiden.

In fact, there was a little ripple of confusion earlier in proceeding when Aiden, Katie and Paije Richardson were the last three standing on the stage. When Paije was told he was safe, the looks of confusion in everybody’s faces were hilarious. Even Paije expected to be bottom two tonight, which says a lot about his self-belief. You could almost hear him composing his “Well, I had a good run…” comments in his head.

I loved that Simon Cowell remained consistent in his choice after saving Katie last week. She may be annoying, but she proved in the sing-off that she’s a better singer than Aiden. On that note, Aiden’s final song choice was to musically destroy Crowded House’s Don’t Dream It’s Over, which he attacked and murdered with typical vigour. And for the first part of the song he performed like he’d got something stuck to the bottom of his foot.

When Katie was inexplicably saved, the public were stunned. Not as stunned as Aiden Grimshaw – it was his first week in the bottom two compared with Katie’s fourth. And the fan reaction was mostly negative – toward Simon for saving Katie yet again, and predictably toward Katie.

My personal reaction? When I found out it was Aiden versus Katie, I threw my support behind Katie. She may be annoying but she can be entertaining. I’m fairly certain she’ll be in the bottom two again next week, but the funniest thing about this situation is that the judges gave the public the result they wanted last week – deadlock. And it backfired on the Katie haters!

I’m also slightly relieved that I was on the money with my comments today about Aiden’s performances being predictable and boring. Clearly other people felt the same way, which is a lesson to the besotted fan groups that they exist in a bubble of obsession and the rest of the nation doesn’t feel the same way. Clearly Team Aiden didn’t have the numbers to keep him in the competition – even against a contestant so widely disliked as Katie Waissel.

P.S. What the hell was Cheryl Cole doing with her hair tonight? 

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  1. Not-so-negative

    Wow, your a very harsh person.

    If originality has flaws, I don’t care. Aiden’s singing was very unique and I personally find talented people more interesting to watch then ‘Wagners’. >HOW WEIRD.

    And please tell me how the other constestants AREN’T predictable? Being boring is your own opinion.

    It seems like this is your ventilation process… How sweet. X

  2. Dara Hickey

    Much to my surprise, I find myself diagreeing with you there, Gerard. Aiden was definitely the most interesting contestant with real talent, so this excludes Wagner.

    Every other contestant left can sing. That’s all. Sing. Heaven knows that’s not what makes a popstar, let alone and “artist”. Jedward know this. Pixie Lott knows this. Madonna, Kylie, Prince and Michael Jackson know this. To Simon, an artist is someone who can sell a million records. But no, a real artist is someone who is innovative, works hard, and is unique.

    Aiden had all those qualities; his innovation proved by his beautiful interpretations of ‘Thriller’, ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’ and ‘Rocket Man’; his work ethic proved by Dannii being shocked that she rarely finds him not singing or working out how to give the best performance; his unique qualities proved in his voice and his nothing-short-of absolutely captivating stage presence. His renditions of ‘Mad World’, ‘Rocket Man’, ‘Nothing Compares 2 U’, ‘Cannonball’, ‘Gold Digga’ and (my personal favourite) ‘Diamonds Are Forever’ are the first time I’ve not be distracted from the X Factor screen for a good reason (cough cough Jedward).

    Aiden will sadly be missed, and whilst I still don’t think the X Factor is “fixed” in so many words, Simon is definitely manipulating the Judge’s votes in his favour. Aiden presented a threat to his beloved money-makers One Direction, whereas Katie Waissel is hated by almost everyone, so she can’t possibly be a threat if she makes it to the finals, because no-one will vote for her like usual, and then she’ll be given the boot due to no Judge’s vote, leaving One Direction reigning supreme. Simon sees dollar signs when he looks at those boys, and he realises, that if he doesn’t win this year he can’t sign them, and a rival label will snap them up, like Sony did with JLS. Say, Matt wins, how do you suppose Matt would feel if Simon signed One Direction as well? Pretty pissed, I’d imagine.

    He just can’t do it, but Simon sees billions in those five boys (that he can’t even remember the names of) so he won’t let them go without a fight, and if it means ditching the better acts to have a more unbalanced final, he’s going to do it.

    Simon has never voted for talent when it’s this late in the game. He’s already plotting who’ll get the axe if they find themselves in the bottom two. Mary won’t last much longer, neither will Cher or Paije; they’ll be ousted over the next three weeks if Katie manages to evade the deadlock which will probably be the only way she’ll ever leave.

    1. Not-so-negative

      Great reply @OddOne !

      I totally agree with you. It’s a shame people don’t see it and just label him as ‘annoying’ or not in tune. Simon was a real disappointment, he’s lost his original true direction… If the show was truly created to find talent?

    2. Gerard McGarry

      Different tastes, sir. That’s quite an onslaught of a counter-argument, but I’m still not convinced. I understand exactly why you rate Aiden, but I still feel that his first performance was his best and that he typecast himself with his subsequent performances. The thing is, he ended up with the least number of votes, which means that the vast majority of viewers weren’t compelled to support him. I put that down to samey performances and increasing tuning issues in his last couple of performances.

      Totally agree with you about Cowell manipulating the vote. I don’t think this is a new thing for X Factor. What I will say is that this year started up with a solid line-up of singers, much better than last year. But at this stage, the final three have more or less been decided, and the competition is losing my interest. The more leaks about Katie Waissel’s links to the show – including performing with Jedward on last year’s show! – the more it looks like a big fix. 

  3. Ageing tart

    No matter how often I have tried to tell myself this show is about findng talent the next time I see the show, I tell myself I’m wrong. I tell myself its time to face the truth its about making money.

    X factor merchandise, X factor voting, X factor tours, X factor competition lines for viewers to win phones, holidays, X factor seats etc. Is all about making money.

    It doesn’t matter who wins as long as the show makes money.


    Ageing tart

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