Are Big Brother evictions no longer newsworthy?

On Friday night myself and Lisa had been coaxed away from our couches and laptops for a venture out to a friend’s wedding. Knowing there was a Big Brother eviction due that night, we made a mental note to check back later in the evening to see who got kicked out of the house.

Needless to say, the eviction came and went. We were partying much too hard to care who got booted. I remember nights out in previous years when friends would text to say who got evicted. Not the other night. And a few discreet checks confirmed that nobody in our company either knew or cared whether Sunshine, Shabby or Caoimhe had been voted out.

The next morning, I picked up a copy of The Mirror when we were picking the kids up again. I leafed through the first few pages, but it was only on the way home that I realised I hadn’t seen an article about the eviction.

Now, this post is entirely speculative, but I seem to have missed the point where Big Brother evictions stopped being front page news. When did we get so jaded by the show that it didn’t matter who got kicked out? And am I fondly remembering the early series’ of the show where every little sneeze was on the front pages of the red tops the next morning?

While these observations might well be flawed through poor memory or rose tinted glasses, am I right in thinking that Big Brother is no longer the essential viewing it once was?

P.S. Sunshine eventually got evicted, though we’d heard early in the week that Caoimhe was favourite to go.

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  1. Trudy

    I think BB has lost it’s sparkle and is not attracting the interest of the media anymore. I watched the eviction show this week but last week I completely forgot about it, me forgot about a BB eviction a few years ago I would have had hysterics at the thought I always had my drink and chocolate next to me and everyone had to be quiet for the duration. Apparently the voting between Sunshine and Caoimhe was extremely close and Shabby was completely safe.

    I still blame the lack of life feed as the problem for lack of interest as you miss most of the tasks, this year BB only seems to be concentrating on a couple of housemates others are ignored. Bring back the 24/7 life feed so we can see what is happening and form our own opinions.

    I cannot see BB being revived at a later date as it has become too predictable.

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