Ashes To Ashes – S02E04 – Supermack Suicide

An interesting episode of [[Ashes To Ashes (TV Series)|Ashes To Ashes]] tonight – mostly for the fact that it didn’t really help much with the ongoing series arc. OK, there were bits of teasers and references to Operation Rose, which may or may not be related to the mysterious caller who leaves a rose for Drake.

No, tonight’s episode will be notable for the unravelling of Supermack. After finally exposing Supermack’s corruption and his cover-up of an underage prostitution racket, Hunt finally manages to outsmart his crooked boss. And avoid that nasty transfer out of the Met.

Without rehashing all of the episode, an old flame of Gene’s arrives in the office with his old coat and a massive bump. She manages to convince him that both the coat and the baby belong to him. The real reason for her visit though, is that she’s looking for her neice who’s gone missing in London.

It doesn’t take Hunt, Drake and the gang long to link the disappearance to a businessman who’s known to Supermack. However, the corrupt boss goes to great lengths to get Gene to drop the investigation and leave his contact alone. Mack even goes to the trouble of framing Drake for embezzlement and getting her suspended from the force.

After raiding a house where one of the prossie parties is being held, Gene makes the crucial link to Supermack (it’s his house, and the perv involved – Jarvis – has been laundering money for Mack, hence the amazing art collection in the basement of Mack’s house). After trailing Jarvis in for questionning, Hunt reveals to Supermack everything he knows. However, backed into a corner, Mack shoots Jarvis as he leaves the station and struggles with Gene over the gun. It goes off and Mack dies on the ground from a bullet wound to the chest.

Review Points

  • I like the new dynamic between Hunt and Drake in this episode: Hunt seems to be deferring more to Drake, and there does seem to be an interesting trust building between them. I don’t think it’s a romantic thing though, but the two are definitely working more closely now.
  • Loved the culture clash between Drake and Jackie over her smoking. Drake: “Please stop smoking because it’ll stunt your baby’s growth.” Jackie the slapper: “Well, it’ll come out quicker then, won’t it?”
  • This year’s award for Best Headbutt In A BBC Drama goes to Jackie the slapper. Wow.
  • Gene shooting the dog in the head was shocking and funny at the same time. Unless you’re PETA.
  • Gene’s monologue at the end of the episode (about weeding corruption out of the force) was met with a shifty look from Ray Carling. Does this take us back to the first episode, where Ray and Chris accepted money from the brothel owner.
  • I thought it was nice to see Drake chatting to Jackie – nice to see her having a warm, human moment with another woman. Even if we were waiting for Hunt to make a wisecrack about them being lesbians when he burst in!

Overall verdict: a good episode, not overly reliant with the Molly/Rose Guy/Drake In A Coma plot that’s always simmering. And that was a welcome thing for once. A really tightly written episode, but way more self-contained than many of the other episodes we’ve seen.

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