Ashes To Ashes – Series 2, Episode 2, a review

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Gene Hunt seemed to be back on full sarcastic form last night in the second episode of [[Ashes To Ashes (TV Series)|Ashes To Ashes]]. However, to Alex Drake’s dismay, he gets up to his neck in a cover up when he rams an out of control driver, ending up in a masonic initiation ceremony led by Supermac.

And I found myself stuck for a politically correct term (is it “travelling community” or “travellers”?) amid a stream of gypo’s thrown from the coppers at the community their investigation centers around. Ray Carling sticks out like a sore thumb this week in particular – his outdated remarks about “the Argies” and the discovery that he’s a Mason making him the rather shameful face showing the ignorance of that era.

Thankfully, Marshall Lancaster’s charmingly naive Chris Skelton is there to counter-balance Carling’s horrible attitude. His popping the question to WPC Shazza was met with a brilliantly 80’s response: “Yeah, brill!” I hope they have an on-screen wedding just so we can relive the horror of 1980’s wedding costumes!

Corrupt Police Force

Perhaps the most shocking part of the srotyline was the corruption. They’d began hinting at Supermac’s corruption in last week’s episode, but we had no idea he was in the Masons until the weird handshakes started!

Supermac’s insistence that the case against the camp Doctor (by that I mean that he was the GP for the traveller’s camp, not that he was a mincing, Dale Winton kind of Doctor) be dropped was unsurprising. But our jaws all dropped when we saw Hunt being complicit in the corruption. It was only after Drake had witnessed his induction ceremony and challenged him about it that Hunt admitted he was “keeping his enemies close”. And it was a pretty inspiring speech from Hunt, as well as a reminder that his police work comes first. I suspect that Supermac’s meddling in his case might have triggered Hunt’s fight against corruption.

For the meantime though, Hunt will be fighting from the inside and did a very good of convincing Supermac to throw the book at the doctor and disregard his Masonic vows. I’ll be interested in how the friction between Drake and Hunt continues, as Hunt will have to pretend Drake is the enemy to keep in Supermac’s favour.

Alex’s Memory Problems

Very little mention of Alex’s companion from the future in this episode. However, the prevailing theme is that her memories of the future – particularly her daughter – appear to be fading. She received a warning about this from the old woman who gave her a tarot reading, and in her dreams she can only partially see her daughter’s face.

I don’t remember Sam Tyler suffering a similar problem in Life On Mars, but it’s an interesting proposition. Does it mean that Alex is fading away in 2008? Certainly the cues on the 80’s computer screen seem to suggest this.

It was poignant that at the end of the episode, Alex couldn’t remember what the abbreviation “ETA” meant. Her knowledge of the future is starting to fade away – will that affect her will to fight? Will she become bewildered by the helicopter sounds and infrequent intrusions of paramedics trying to save her in the future? And why hasn’t Shazza told someone else that she thinks Drake is a bit crazy?

Huntisms of the week

  • “You look pleased with yourself Bolls, been sitting on the washing machine again?”
  • Drake (after Hunt reveals he’s infiltrated the Masons): You’re playing with them?

    Hunt: Nah, it’s just the way I’m standing…

  • Declining a tarot reading from a gypsy woman he was questioning: “Read a bloody magazine instead…”

Wiki Updates

I’ve just updated our [[Ashes To Ashes (TV Series)|Ashes To Ashes]] wiki page to include the character of DS Mackintosh (aka Supermac). If you’re a fan of the show, why not join up and help to update the Wiki page and character information?

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